Clinton. Brexit. 4th Amendment. IRS guns.

I’ve been traveling for work but there has been so much going on I thought I really needed to document a post on my thoughts about all of these issues.

Hillary Clinton is guilty of violating multiple laws around the security and procedures related to her email. I see news reports on a new email found now and again and boring pontificating about the ramifications and an endless droll and hand wringing about the consequnces. So here is my position. She is guilty of at least one federal crime and nothing will come of it. That’s today’s America.

Brexit. I am very happy that England voted to leave the EU. Being of Scottish descent I am very unhappy that every district in Scotland voted by majority to stay. What does that mean? It means Braveheat is dead. #Texit took off as a result, which is great, and of course the opposition trotted out a bunch of legal scholars that say it’s illegal. My question is, who cares? What is it with this obsession with laws? Hitler had laws. Kim Jung has laws. Putin has laws. Laws are created by people with power to control people without power. So I am blown away by the people without power saying we can’t do something because it’s against the law. Some laws are bad you morons. Are you saying that as long as someone in power makes a law you will follow it, no matter what? Are you saying there is no law so bad that you wouldn’t subject yourself to it? Clearly, at SOME POINT, someone could write a law that you disagree with so much you have to disobey, right? It’s not IMPOSSIBLE.

Otherwise, what are your expectations? That enough States in the Union support legislation to allow States to secede from the Union? Do you think the member states of the EU would ever have voted to let England OUT of the EU? ROFL! That is never going to happen. The WHOLE POINT of secession is because you are being oppressed by powers outside of your control originating from some central authority that you can’t legally influence to address your grievences.

Smoking weed is against the law too, but how many States have gone ahead and broken that law? If California can ignore a federal law against cannibis, then Texas can ignore any federal law against secession. If you support legalized pot, then you can’t not support secession, at least not on the grounds that it’s breaking a law.

If Texas secedes, then  what? Are they going to be invaded by Oklahoma and Alabama? C’mon. At least during the Civil War the Feds could pretend to care about slavery as the reason for the war, but they have no such lie today. Today, the Feds would have to attack Texas with it being publicly understood that it was all about control, money and power. The pimp lost control of the ho – and the ho has to pay the price. I’d like to see that. Right after I move to Texas.

4th Amendment. So a recent ruling on the rights of cops vs. people seems to be drawing a lot of attention. The fact that Sotomayor turned it into a racial diatribe is not suprising and makes me want to agree with the other side all the more since she avoided commenting on constitutional grounds and went race card instead. That means she’s either an idiot that couldn’t form a coherent opinion or she’s politicized and just went for the dumb black vote. Both bad. Don’t get me wrong, there are dumb whites and smart blacks too, but it’s not smart blacks that Sotomayor and the Democrats pander to. I understand that the argument here is that if a cop pulls you over for a broken tail light, that does not mean they have to ignore the corpse in the back seat because it’s unrelated to the tail light. I get that. But at the same time, cops have been known to abuse their authority so what stops a cop from just pulling everyone over for any little thing to go “fishing” hoping they find a corpse in the back seat. What stops politicians from passing laws creating many more “little things” that cops could use to pull you over for. And why is it that if cops have a warrant to search someone’s house for drugs, they can’t then enter into evidence something else they found? Or can they? It’s starting to look like as long as cops can find a reason, no matter how flimsy, they can use it to cast a large net and see what they can drag up from the bottom.

I just read that there are more armed IRS agents than there are marines. Add in all the other government agencies that have been armed, including with hollow point bullets, and you have to ask yourself, “Why is my Government building its own army?” And why does the IRS get to buy AK-47 “assualt” rifles when they are trying to ban citizens from getting them? Why is it always “do as I say and not as I do” with our Government?

Speaking of which….what’s up with Democrat Rengal admitting to a reporter that he doesn’t think citizens should have guns, but politicians, “deserve” them? I actually pulled the audio of the conversation and that’s what he said.

On the upside, Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Socialists are getting so careless and sloppy that their true aspirations are coming out plain as day. They don’t even bother to hide them anymore. I just don’t know that enough people care. Sounds to me like the kids want a full Statist sytem, and want Government to control and oversee every aspect of their lives. Looks like they don’t want to figure out life on their own, they want to leave their parents house and move into the Governments house – different roof, worse rules. That’s too bad.

And like the immature, not-fully-formed brain teens of England wringing their hands over the “old people” voting to leave the EU – they will figure it out only after 20+ years of experience of being shafted by the power of the State, and by then it will be too late. I wish I could live long enough to see those kids as adults trying to impart their wisdom on the next generation starting off with, “I used to think the same thing at your age” – and watch that argument fall on the same deaf ears as that argument is falling on now. Humans are stupid. You can tell them a hundred times that the flame burns but they always gotta stick their hand in it anyway.


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