CNN cuts microphones on people that are not supporting Hillary

bahar-1-600x338CNN is now known as the Clinton News Network. Just another propaganda arm of Big Government liberals. Let’s not forget the emails that prove that Hillary colluded with CNN to shaft Rand Paul. And now this…

From ZeroHedge:

It appears we have passed the point where hiding the collusion is even necessary…Here is CNN’s New Day host Chris Cuomo explaining how – for Hillary Clinton – “we [CNN] could not help her any more than we have… she’s got just a free ride so far with the media.”

In the compilation video (below), the YouTube channel “Centipede Productions” has amassed 10 minutes worth of CNN claiming technical difficulties, shouting down guests, and flat-out cutting the microphone of people who attempt to speak the facts pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden past and present…

What’s even better is the outright cutting off of hot mics from people speaking negatively about Hillary, or positively about Trump, or blacks suggesting that we need to end racial tensions – what matters to CNN is the narrative, which is to keep everyone angry at everyone else and making sure a Progressive/Liberal/Socialist – whatever you want to call people like Hillary – gets into office, even if it means silencing dissent, ignoring facts, cutting mics, editing video, lying on video, shouting down opposing viewpoints…whatever…it…takes.

Check out the black news anchor shouting down a white guest when the guest says that the lost Hillary emails are out there somewhere and we could now have a President that could get blackmailed (or has already been blackmailed). The news anchor, instead of forming a calm, rational, logical counter-argument just opts to shout her down saying that she made that up, that she just invented that and that you “can’t just invent things” – but then the video cuts to actual footage of the FBI saying that all those emails (the 33,000 emails) are missing, were deleted from all of the devices they were on, and that those email accounts were accessed by “hostile actors.” So no….she did not invent that.

And to make it worse, the white guest is not allowed to talk, the black anchor cuts her off CONSTANTLY with, “No ma’am. No ma’am. No. No ma’am.”

This is how most liberals argue. They cut you off. Shout you down. Deny your statements. Without facts, what other tool do they have?

So you have CNN news anchors bald-face lying to every American and you have mindless American proles watching CNN and just taking the anchor at her word, because; she is a) black, b) a woman and c) works for CNN.

We’ve created a word now where “facts” can only come from approved media outlets spoken by “oppressed special classes (the more the better, black+woman in this case)” and all lies come from white people.

When you can’t win an argument with facts and logic and rational thought, all you have left is censorship, shouting down and leveraging classist, elitist, racist, and sexist divisiveness to keep every American at the throat of every other American, making sure they never unite in any way to pose a consolidated front that is against Big Government and socialist policies.

Keep the rats fighting over who gets some cheese then you always get to stay in control of the cheese. Big Gov 101. And getting bigger.


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