Soft Socialism – Eventually The Fed will buy companies (nationalization)


I have heard in the past from several Libertarians that they fear The Fed, at some point, would decide to buy corporate stocks and bonds. This would be a way for the Government to participate in soft socialism and nationalize (take over) individual companies, corporations and industries. They would simply buy a controlling share of the company to attain sufficient control of the company itself. People said it would never happen and that it is illegal – only one of those statements is true.

So would the purchased company be renamed “United States General Electric?” no, of course not, that would be too in-your-face and people would see that as socialism, which is what it would be and they might get upset. To avoid being too obvious, and upsetting people while still achieving socialism, this is a much easier method.

The Fed is only 100 years old, created by a partnership of bankers and corrupted politicians to hand over control of your money to the bankers (the income tax was in the same law that created The Fed, because hey, the bankers wanted to make sure they would get paid, so YOU had to be the collateral).

It is run by a group of private international bankers, and when Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard it allowed those bankers to print an unlimited supply of money. It only makes sense that eventually they will use that unlimited supply to buy up as many corporations as they can. What they needed was an excuse.

Remember the Libertarian axiom, “Government only passes laws that give it more control, more wealth, or both.” Try finding a law Government has passed that DOESN’T do that. But sometimes, taking more control of you, or more of your money, would upset you – so the government uses convenient excuses to do what it wants to do and for the most part, Americans are suckers and accept it.

We’ve seen this before. The military industrial complex (MIC) and its paid-for politicians needed an excuse after the fall of the U.S.S.R to keep those billions flowing in corporate dollars so it’s no surprise the new boogeyman for all of us to be afraid of are Middle Eastern terrorists (which apparently did not pose such a horrific threat until AFTER the U.S.S.R. fell – odd timing huh?). So now, to “protect our freedoms” our Government has reduced our freedoms so they can fight terrorism which was threatening to take away the freedoms that our Government took away from us to protect us from those terrorists. Following me yet?

More control. CHECK. More money. CHECK.

So The Fed, just like the MIC, needs an excuse – and they will have one – one that Libertarians have been predicting for years, just like we predicted last time. And The Fed is insinuating that that excuse will be the reason they begin nationalizing corporations – economic collapse.

So, when the next economic collapse happens, which it will, Congress (it has to be their idea to make this work, based on recommendations from the “geniuses” at The Fed of course) will ask that The Fed be allowed to purchase on the stock market in order to “save us” and “save the economy” and this law will pass and The Fed will begin buying up sufficient stock to have virtual control of whatever companies it wants.

And like the 2,874 little tiny socialist steps the Government has made over the past 100 years we will be one more step closer to total socialism. And just like the 2,874 little socialist steps the Government has taken before, Americans will be too stupid to see it and too lazy to care if they do.

Who can be bothered to fight socialism when you’ve got Starbucks Frappuccino?

Damn – our great-grand kids are going to HATE us. lol.

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