Why we are slaves to the Government using the watermelon analogy.

SlaveryWhat is the difference between the Government chaining me to a soup kitchen where I ladle out soup and bread to poor people for four hours a day as a slave, or just me working in my office all day as usual and the government taking four hours worth of my income and giving it to a soup kitchen?

Answer: There isn’t one.

If I worked 8 hours a day and was paid one watermelon an hour, nobody would argue with me that all 8 watermelons are mine and nobody elses. If I sold all eight watermelons for $1 each, nobody would argue with me that all $8 are mine. But somehow, according to the Government, if I worked 8 hours for $1 per hour, I only own half of the $8 I earned. This defies all logic and all morality.

I desperately want a Liberal, especially, to explain this paradox to me.

No matter how you cut it, a direct tax on your income is slavery. Slaves worked for free, by definition. As the image above rightly states, “If stealing 100% of the product of someone’s labor is slavery, at what percentage is it not slavery?”

Think! Think! Do you see it?

Just because you have the freedom to choose the profession from which to serve as a slave, does not mean you are not enslaved, not when half of your time working every day doing whatever it is you want to do for a living, is for free. Just like slaves.

If a slave worked 8 hours a day in the fields but he was paid for four of those hours, is he free or is he a slave? He can only be one or the other.


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