Healthcare Reform: The Dirty Trick

The current healthcare reform bill uses a dirty trick to “lower costs” that many don’t know about…

  • The benefits of the healthcare reform must not begin until after the next presidential election in 2013.
  • The new taxes on American citizens and insurers and cuts to Medicare funding must happen immediately.

The government is just playing a game on the people. The two statements above are fact.  They are part of the bill.

And it’s no accident the benefits don’t kick in until after the next election. If healthcare is so important…if so many people are suffering needlessly…why wait four years to help them? Oh that’s right…so you can get re-elected first.

Here’s an analogy for you to consider…

A man (whose profession is being a thief) wants to buy a house, but his wife says the one they want is too expensive.  So he says, “Nonsense, I can prove to you that for ten years the house won’t cost us anything.”

This is how he makes the house not cost anything for ten years…

  • He spends four years robbing people to collect the down-payment for a house.
  • He saves $100,000 in that time.
  • He buys a $500,000 house but does not use the down-payment when he buys it.
  • He pays the first six years of monthly mortgage payments using the down-payment money only

Badabing! The house hasn’t cost anything for the first ten years. Exactly what the government is telling us about the new healthcare reform bill.  And what about AFTER the first ten years?  Oddly, they are silent on that.

This is the same math the government is using the convince the American people the healthcare bill will not add to the deficit.  Truth through ommission…yes, it will not add to the deficit in the first ten years because of this game playing…but it will to the tune of billions of dollars for all eternity after that.

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