Government Employees: The Elite Citizen Class

Did you know that in California, 1 in 22 people can drive in violation of the toll roads without a transponder and never pay the fine?

Or park illegally in handicap spots?

Or be alone and take the carpool lane?

Did you know that a large portion of this elite group can retire at 55 with more than 80% of their highest years salary…for life. And when they die, their salary goes to their spouse…also for life.

Or that when they retire at 50, they can take another job paying the same or more and also get their retirement check from their first job at the same time?

Or that this same group has a guaranteed retirement plan…which means unlike the private sector where our 401k goes up and down in value with the market, these workers are guaranteed a fixed rate of return, no matter how bad the market gets?

Did you know that many in this group will get promoted during their last year on the job so they can spike their retirement benefits since benefits paid are based on the last year(s) of employment?

Or that many in this group claim an injury (over 50% in some police agencies) like knee pain or back pain in their last year on the job so that 50% of their retirement benefits are shielded from taxes?

In fact, even common conditions from getting old such as heart problems or cancer are considered “work related injuries” for this group, thus shielding 50% of their benefits from taxes.

Did you know that even when convicted of crimes, even if sent to prison…this group continues to receive pay and benefits.

Who is this elite group?

Government union employees. Your city, your state, your federal government employees…

The people that are supposed to serve us…are now treated to early retirements, lavish pension plans and copious health benefits.

Who pays for all of this? Us. Who guarantees the healthy rate of return on their retirement funds no matter how much money it loses? Us.

Who exactly is working for who?

“While the average household income in the United States hovers around $50,000 a year,” this group, “often earns more than double that amount in their retirement years.”

Want to know who?  Click here.

“Rank has its privileges and its clear that government workers have a rank above the rest of us.” ~ Steven Greenhut, author of PLUNDER!

“Today, government employees in the vast majority of job classifications earn considerably more than those in the private sector doing similar work.” ~Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association

Every few pages of this book, I learn about a new way that many government employees including firefighters, teachers and police abuse their pension plans and benefits at our expense.

Buy the book anywhere or click here.

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