CA Union Employee Pension Costs Up 2,000%

Don't Pay The Union Demands And They Will STRIKE Against You and Me

Let me start with some shocking statistics from the Wall Street Journal

“Approximately 85% of the state’s 235,000 employees (not including higher education employees) are unionized. As the governor noted during his $83 billion budget roll-out, over the past decade pension costs for public employees increased 2,000%. State revenues increased only 24% over the same period. A Schwarzenegger adviser wrote in the San Jose Mercury News in the past few days that, “This year alone, $3 billion was diverted to pension costs from other programs.” There are now more than 15,000 government retirees statewide who receive pensions that exceed $100,000 a year, according to the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility.”

“Many of these retirees are former police officers, firefighters, and prison guards who can retire at age 50 with a pension that equals 90% of their final year’s pay. The pensions for these (and all other retirees) increase each year with inflation and are guaranteed by taxpayers forever—regardless of what happens in the economy or whether the state’s pensions funds have been fully funded (which they haven’t been).”

“A 2008 state commission pegged California’s unfunded pension liability at $63.5 billion, which will be amortized over several decades. That liability, released before the precipitous drop in stock-market and real-estate values, certainly will soar.”

Let’s be honest and very clear about this fact…Labor Unions will spend billions of dollars to thwart any effort to force any of their members to take wage or benefit cuts.

They do not exist, nor care, to make the police, the firefighters, the teachers or government workers any better, any more efficient or any more effective.

Like a cockroach, the purpose of a Labor Union is to serve itself and survive at all costs.

No wage or benefit cut is acceptable, billions are spent to fight a fraction of a fraction in cuts. While the rest of us are laid off, lose bonuses, take pay cuts…the Unions will obliterate anyone even suggesting they take a reduction in anything, including politicians who vote against what the Unions want.

How long do you think it took before all the ethical politicians (as common as unicorns to begin with) were replaced by ones that agreed from the beginning to do what the Unions asked as long as the Unions help them get elected by spending their billions of dollars in union dues in political campaigns.

The California legislature is crawling with union-backed political bureaucrats. They are motivated by nothing else but keeping their Union backers happy because it’s the Unions that spend billions to help them stay in office.

California is struggling with a $20 billion deficit, and who is to blame?

The Unions.

And who will pay the $20 billion deficit?

Not the Unions.

You and I will pay for it through higher taxes.

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