United States Demographics – Key Graphics & Comments

The following images are from Wikipedia. I thought it would be interesting for some readers to see what the demographics of the United States look like and to point out a couple key facts.

The first image is the breakout of household and individual incomes. You should note (yellow highlight) that less than 1.5 % of the population make the $250,000 and up that Obama said would pay for all this spending we are doing. It is impossible for 1.5% of the population to help support the other 98.5% and all this government spending. Brace yourself for additional taxes, regardless of how much you make.

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This image breaks out the social classes in the United States. Again, in two of the models only 1% are the “wealthy” that we talk so much about taxing to pay for everything. 1% paying for the 99%…I don’t think so. I noted in green highlight in the third model which has a group of 5% called “The Rich,” that most of that wealth is in home equity, which is “rich” on paper only. His study was done in 2004, about five years into the housing bubble and considering that the median home value in Orange County, California reached $650,000…that’s for the average house, I imagine that 5% figure has been significantly reduced since then. Combine that with all of the foreclosures and I am sure it is much less.

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This last image is the racial breakout for the United States. Considering how often white people are called “racists” I am happy to report that despite the fact that 75% of the population is white, thereby “racist,” we somehow still managed to elect a black president. Some will argue that this occurred only because all the other non-white races turned out at the polls while the majority of white people did not.

However, if this were true then I can assure you that if whites in America were as racist as these people claim, then they surely would have turned out in vast numbers at the polls to prevent a black man from becoming president by voting for the other guy. Yet, this did not happen. So much for white people being a big group of racists. Clearly, not true.

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