You Are Not Entitled To A House – You Just Aren’t

These people are in Washington D.C. to take advantage of a program that may prevent them from losing their home.

The reporter captures some poignant observations from these individuals to elicit a feeling of empathy and sadness from the viewer.

I only feel contempt at their entitlement mentality.

A home is not a fundamental right. Here are some of the quotes and my thoughts on them…

  • “We’ve been having struggles paying our bills, we had to take our son out of private school.”

Oh no. You had to take your son out of private school? OMG. Well, now you can teach your son fiscal responsibility and accountability and go rent.

Nobody is putting a gun to your head and saying you must stay in your house, so go take your son out of private school to pay for it.

  • “My mortgage is basically out of reach, so I am choosing whether to eat or pay my mortgage.”

No, you can eat all you want…in your new apartment. All you have to do is choose to rent instead of paying a mortgage.

It’s very simple..GO RENT.

Meanwhile, I too must choose between renting and paying a mortgage. Oh wait, that’s right…even though I am in the top 10% of earners in the United States, I can’t afford to buy a house due to over-inflated prices, greedy sellers out-of-touch with the market, the government propping up prices, banks restricting inventory levels to keep prices artificially high and millions of people like the ones on this video begging for assistance to avoid doing what I am doing…RENTING.

I do not have a choice. I can not line up in Washington D.C. and ask that I be given assistance to GET a house.

I could sit around and blame these people for keeping me out of a house, I suppose. After all, it was the millions of them that took out adjustable rate mortgages so they could squeeeeze into a house they should never have qualified for that brought housing inventories crashing down overnight and skyrocketed prices through the roof, thus preventing me from buying a home years ago. I won’t blame them for making a mistake, but I’ll be damned if they are now going to force me to help them keep their home, despite that mistake, while I still can not afford a house because of them and their mistake.

You made a mistake.

People make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. Now that you know you made a mistake, and bought something you can’t afford, correct your mistake and go rent. Don’t ask the government for help, which is the same as asking me for help.

I can’t help you anyway, I’m busy saving all my money for the ridiculous down-payment I have to have these days just to afford to buy your obnoxiously overpriced home.

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