Muslim Mosque At Ground Zero?

In the United States, we jealously respect all religions and defend individual private property rights.

Where I get confused, is why Muslims would want to build a Mosque near Ground Zero? They must know it is a sensitive issue for Americans, so why even ask?

Ground Zero will forever be remembered as a day when Islamic extremists…terrorists…flew two planes into the World Trade Center killing thousands of individuals who were guilty only of being American citizens. So, as Muslims, shouldn’t they be sensitive to the idea that building an Islamic mosque on the site of a terrorist attack performed by Islamic terrorists where thousands of Americans died does nothing to improve relations between peaceful Muslims and other Americans?

For me, this is not about property rights or religious freedoms, it’s about being insensitive to other people’s feelings. Sure, the Constitution grants everyone the freedom of religion, and private property, but does that mean it’s still a good idea to build a Mosque at Ground Zero?

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

There are lots of mosques in Manhattan. A quick search on Google Maps shows at least six in Manhattan. That’s a lot considering the value of real estate on the island. Maybe these mosques are overcrowded, I don’t know, but out of respect for those who died and their families, and that the war is ongoing, wouldn’t the polite thing, the moral thing, the sensitive thing be to not build a Mosque there? Perhaps somewhere else in Manhattan or sometime in the future when it’s not such a sensitive issue.

Japan didn’t ask to build a Shinto Shrine on top of Pearl Harbor. We didn’t ask to build a WWII Memorial in Nagasaki or Hiroshima. It’s just not the right thing to do.

Does the Constitution permit them to build it here? Yes. Would I stop them from building it? No, it is their right to do so and this is a free country which respects private property rights and the freedom of religion.

Is it a good idea when tensions are still high and many Americans are still sensitive to the issue? No, I don’t think so. I think it only hurts those who were affected by the tragedy and makes other Americans just wonder why they would want to do that when so many are still so upset by the events of that day.

Building a Mosque at Ground Zero while knowing that the issue is still sensitive and Americans are still upset about the tragedy, will only make Americans suspicious. Americans know that those who want to build the Mosque know very well that the idea would not be well received…and yet they want to build it anyway. Why would they knowingly salt an open wound?

It’s not about religion, it’s not about property rights…it’s about pouring the salt.

Related post with video and pictures from 9/11 can be found here.

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