How Liberals & Socialists Dismantle Our Country One Brick at a Time

I’ve been thinking…that the root of the liberal mindset tree is the abrogation of free will and that it exists in some liberals consciously and in others subconsciously.

I think there are two kinds of liberals…

The first kinds are those that know the elimination of your freedom to choose for yourself is their goal and that is exactly what they want, which is what I would call your textbook socialist. I will call this class of liberal the “conscious” liberal.

The second kind doesn’t realize that in order to do that which they want, they are not only taking it upon themselves to surrender your freedoms for you, but they are surrendering their own as well to someone else and aren’t even aware of it.  I will call this class of liberal the “unconscious” liberal.

Take one example and you’ll see what I mean.

The McDonald’s Example

Liberals are trying to ban McDonald’s from including a toy in their Happy Meal unless they reduce the calorie and fat content. Let’s consider this from the “conscious” and “unconscious” liberal positions.

The conscious liberal sees this as a form of social engineering where the common individual is unable to properly care for themselves or their children and as such, the “state” is required to pass laws to protect you from yourself. Classic socialism.

The unconscious liberal sees this as a penalty against large corporations with deep pockets that they see as unconcerned with the welfare of the common individual and as such knowingly produce unhealthy products that consumers are then forced to buy.

The conscious liberal is at least honest about his intent which is to control you and tell you what to do because they believe you are not capable of knowing what is in your own best self-interest. The conscious liberal honestly and openly admits that in order to protect you from yourself, you must surrender your freedom, your right to choose, to the government. The conscious liberal sees you as the problem.

The unconscious liberal is not aware that they are making you surrender your freedom or your right to choose and giving it to the government. They are not honest with themselves or anyone else that this is in fact what is actually happening. The unconscious liberal only sees the corporation as the problem.

The breakdown…

McDonald’s is a Profitable Business

A business is in the business of staying in business. McDonald’s is a business. To stay in business McDonald’s must make a profit. To go out of business McDonald’s would make products that nobody wanted, so they must be making products that people want since they are still in business. A Happy Meal with a toy is a product people want so McDonald’s makes Happy Meals with toys. If people did not want Happy Meals with toys, McDonald’s would not make them because nobody would buy them and McDonald’s would go out of business.

Buying a Happy Meal is a Contract Between Two Free Entities

I am a private citizen that is free to enter into, or not enter into, contracts with any other entity. I have this right. If I buy a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, I am exercising my right to choose to enter into a contract to buy something from McDonald’s and McDonald’s is exercising its right to choose to enter into a contract to sell something to me.

McDonald’s offers to sell me a Happy Meal in exchange for monetary compensation and we both agree the price is equitable for the product. If you don’t think this is a contract then consider what would happen if I paid McDonald’s for the Happy Meal and they did not give it to me? What if they gave me the Happy Meal and I drove away without paying? This simple transaction is a contract between two private entities in the private market and a breach of this contract by either party has legal ramifications. This contract is entered into and executed in a matter of minutes. It happens millions of times a day between millions of companies and individuals.

The Liberal Invades the Freedom of  Contracts between Free Entities

In order to pass a law that requires McDonald’s to improve the nutritional content of their Happy Meals or not include a toy is a law that takes away the freedom of the individual and the private enterprise to enter into a mutually beneficial contract that both parties find reasonable and wish to participate in.

Enter the liberal…

The conscious or subconscious liberal in trying to pass a law that prevents me from entering into this contract of my own free will with McDonald’s is taking away my freedom. I am now subject to someone else’s will…they have control over me and what I do. This is not freedom and I am no longer free.

I say I want to do this, and the liberal says no you can not. McDonald’s says they want to do this, and the liberal says no you will not. Through this law, the liberal says neither of you will be allowed the freedom to make this choice. The liberal says you will not be allowed the free will to enter into this private contract. The liberal says, you do not have that right and I am the one taking it away from you.

Once we allow liberals to invade the private contract transaction, they will be able to control how much water our toilets and showers use, how much gas our fireplaces can burn, penalize us for driving cars that use too much gas, make us pay penalties for buying alcohol or cigarettes or using a tanning salon and a thousand other invasions of the private contract…oh wait…they’ve already done these…too late.

We also give “them” the right to tell us what a “good” MPG is, what the “right” amount of water we use in our shower is, and on and on and on. Who are “they” anyway and why do we want “them” to make these decisions? Why can’t we each decide these for ourselves? If I want to save money on water I will buy a low-flow water head, if I don’t mind paying more, I will. Simple.

This is the root of the liberal mind whether they are conscious of it or not. To achieve all that liberals want to achieve will require you to surrender your rights, surrender your freedom to choose, surrender your free will to enter or not enter into a private contract.


This is just one example with one small right taken away from you, but this is how socialism is achieved from the inside-out in a free society. One small brick at a time is taken away from the wall of freedom, so slowly and so quietly and so obscurely that nobody notices or cares because…what is just one brick, right? It’s just a Happy Meal, right?

But I am here to tell you that if you were aware of how many bricks of freedom you have already surrendered to the liberal dogma you would be rioting in the streets. Liberals have been taking away our freedoms, one tiny brick at a time, since the 1940’s. It’s been 70 years of them quietly chipping away at the wall and I ask you to consider this post as a small example of how these bricks are removed at the local, county, state and federal level. And when one brick is removed in one of these places it becomes the precedent to remove the same brick from other locations or at higher levels which is why we must never let a brick be taken from us from anywhere at any time.

And let’s be clear on this…I am not giving conservatives a pass. If you’ve read my blog you know that I think government, no matter who is in charge, has one purpose…to get larger and take away more of your rights and eventually all of your freedoms. This is a wake up call not just against liberals, who are at least obvious and consistent about their intent, but against Big Government itself being led by any party.

So consider any liberal proposition and see if the root of the proposition requires that someone surrenders their right to choose to enter, or not enter, into a private contract. I bet you will find that the majority of the time, when you consider the root, someone or some group must surrender their freedom to participate or not participate in something in order for that liberal proposition to be achieved.

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