Democrats & Obama block efforts to reduce our deficit from $1.5 Trillion to $1.44 Trillion. Who cares!? How about $0 Trillion in debt!?

I try really hard to keep this blog “G” rated everyday, but some days are harder than others.

Our deficit is $1.5 Trillion dollars for the year. Our national debt is $14 Trillion.

Notice there is a difference between the terms deficit and debt. The deficit is how much we are in debt for a one year period, while the debt is the total amount of all the deficits for every year all added together. Since we have deficits every single year the debt just keeps going up.

So with $1.5 Trillion in debt, the Republicans offer a spending cut bill that I think is ridiculously low. Their proposed cuts would reduce the amount of our debt for the year from $1.5 Trillion to $1.44 Trillion.

But we would still have $1.4 Trillion in deficit debt!

Despite this, the Democrats have decided $60 Billion is too much to cut and would shut down the government.

Shut down the government!? Amazing!

So the obvious question is…if $60 Billion is too much, and cutting $60 Billion would shut down the government, than what are the Democrats trying to say to us?

Are they saying that our government is not capable of running without trillions of dollars in debt every single year forever and ever and ever?

That we are all doomed to higher taxes and a dead economy because our government can’t open the doors for anything less than every penny it takes from us in taxes AND trillions in debt?

That is too scary to even think about…but we need to think about it and do something about it as well, because this is where we’re heading…

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