Remember TARP? The Bank Bailouts? A European Bank Received $31 Billion Of That Bailout Money

We got screwed. Then we got lied to. It took a lawsuit all the way to the United States Supreme Court to force The Fed to admit where the money went.

Of $111B, Dexia Bank received $31.5B. Where is Dexia? Check out my graphic below… American taxpayers bailed out a European bank. Why? Because we fell for it.We chugged down the Obama and Bush and Greenspan and Bernanke Kool-Aid, and we’re still chugging it down. Stop chugging, you’re going to drown on it.

They are lying about everything. I don’t know how many times we have to see the evidence of their lies before we realize they are not looking out for us, they are looking out for themselves.

And what kind of country do we live in where we have to sue some “entity” that for some reason we don’t understand why, has the ability to take all our money and give it to anyone it wants including banks in other countries. And the people who run it aren’t elected. They’re just a group of  bankers, that used to work for the banks we bailed out, and then we wonder why they gave so much of our money to the banks they used to work for.

This is no different than if we had to sue Congress or the President, in order to get them to stop doing something we didn’t like. What happened to our checks and balances? Oh that’s right, The Fed for all its power and will over us and our money, is not subject to “checks and balances.” They can do what they want.

Obama, Bush and the Federal Reserve screwed the American people by scaring us into agreeing to billions of dollars in bailout money or else “the entire economy would collapse” and guess what, a European bank was the #1 recipient of American taxpayer money. Be angry. It was your money. And it was your money.

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  1. Yeah, they’re lying about everything. Obama is a liar. He’s lying about being born in the US. He is a Muslim born in Kenya. Oh, whats that? He has a birth certificate from the US…..Really? They proved he is a natural born citizen? Well….. at least the Tea Party and the Republicans can still call him a Muslim. I’m sure that will instill some fear for some voters. I’m sure it’s a lot harder for him to prove his religion than it was to prove his citizenship. hahahahah

    • Okay. What does that have to do with this post?

      • Well, you said Obama lies about everything. I understand that all politians spin the truth to benifit their own agenda, but the “lies” that come out of the Tea Party are so outrageous you should consider your own words “I don’t know how many times we have to see the evidence of their lies before we realize they are not looking out for us, they are looking out for themselves.” AWC

      • Okay. What does the Tea Party have to do with this post?

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