Obama Buys High, Sells Low & Makes A Big Deal Out of 1.6 Days Worth of Oil

Watching Obama stumble around in the dark trying to convince the American people he knows what he’s doing is like watching a flailing, somersaulting fish lying on the shoreline desperately looking for a puddle.

Obama announced that the government will release 30 million barrels of oil from our National Strategic Oil Reserve in order to help lower the price of gasoline, help the American consumer, save the U.S. economy, end hunger and bring peace to the Middle East <release doves here>.

Unfortunately, just like when Obama trotted out his hard-line stance on debt reduction and demanded that his administration find a way to cut a whopping $100 million from the budget, this oil reserve release is just another abuse and insult to Americans intelligence by spewing forth what sounds like large numbers but in fact amounts to nothing.

American oil usage as of 2009 was 18.7M barrels of oil per day. So the oil Obama is releasing from the reserve will account for about 1.6 days of oil use by Americans, or roughly…until tomorrow. When he demanded $100M in cuts in government spending, that equated to 14 minutes of government spending. Don’t fall for these political tricks.

This is just another attempt to use the media and the sound of large numbers to softball the American people to make us think that anything he’s doing is making any sense.

And why do we want to make ourselves weaker, as a nation, by taking from our National Security Reserve? I can’t go through the airport without my junk getting a jailhouse shakedown by a TSA agent in the name of “National Security” but Obama can lower our strategic reserves and cross his fingers we won’t need it?

And why are we flooding our oil onto the market when the market price is at $90 a barrel? It’s recently been up to $114 and as high as $140 so how much will American taxpayers have to pay to refill the reserve, $114, $120, $140?!

In summary, let’s reduce our national security to get a few pennies shaved off a gallon of gas for a few days by selling our oil into the market when the price is low, and then smack the American taxpayers on the backend to refill the reserve when prices are high.

Epic Fail.

I feel like he goes out of his way to find ways to cost us more money and hurt the economy. I have yet to see him do even just one thing, that actually helps the economy. It’s like being trapped in a horror movie. This is what happens when you elect a community organizer with no work or business experience, or education in economics, to run a country during a crisis.

Here’s a prediction…if the price of oil continues to fall due to market conditions, Obama will attribute all of it to his release from the Strategic Oil Reserve. Imagine if he had done this back in April when oil was $125 a barrel. He would have asked for a pat on the back for the $35 a barrel drop. Bet on it.

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