OWS – Occupy Wall Street – Amazing Kid Educates Crowd

There are a lot of crazy people in the OWS movement, but there are some exceptionally bright stars among them. I believe OWS is a movement mostly made up of confused individuals, who do not know where that which pains them is coming from and are simply expressing unfocused anger. But salted among the crowd, are some that know exactly where it comes from, and more importantly, how to fix it. And perhaps most importantly, are teaching others in the crowd about it.

This kid is one of them. It’s these intelligent kids that give me hope that there is a future. I smiled while watching this when I saw some other kids listening and watching intently…they had never heard this stuff, these facts, before.

The solution is information. Those of us who know, must educate those of us who don’t know…as uncomfortable as that can be sometimes.

The true pain, the real recession, is still in front of us. The only way to prevent a mass exodus of scared citizens clamoring for complete government control of everything to “save us” will be to educate everyone that the future recessionary correction is necessary to return to greatness and that if we can only get through it, without government rescue, we will all become great again.

If we allow government to “rescue us” when that time comes, then America is over. We will trade our last remaining freedoms over to Big Government so they can “protect us” from a crashing economy and we will finally become a true totalitarian state. Perhaps this is Big Government’s “plan?” I don’t know.

Do we have enough time to educate everyone so we can survive it? I don’t know that either.

Hat tip to The Daily Bail for turning me on to this video.

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  1. What an encouraging and delightful post! The beam of light is shinning on more and more people.

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