Captain Midnight at Occupy Wall Street

Damn this kid is awesome. He knows exactly what our problems are, exactly how to solve them, who is telling the truth and who is lying, and states the new obvious truth…that corporations buy off the politicians in exchange for protection, bailouts, favored legislation, subsidies and protection from competition while the media from MSNBC to FOX are owned and run by those same corporations, so really, how trustworthy can anything they say really be when the corporations and the politicans have signed a deal with the devil and each other to run this country together.

This unholy alliance also explains why Ron Paul, the only honest and knowledgeable candidate who would break this pact as well as shrink government is ignored by all the major media outlets even when he wins and is being completely ignored by his own party.

I can see the whole picture now. Now, I get it. OMG are we in trouble.

For as much garbage as there in on the internet, it is also the last place on earth next to books where the truth lives on.

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