Unprecedented Numbers: 26 Million Americans are out of work, underemployed or just decided to give up.

Last month the number of underemployed rose by a half million people.

That is the third straight month in a row of increasing underemployment.

Here’s how we stand:

14 million people are unemployed
9.3 million are underemployed.
2.5 million are “marginally attached to the labor force”

26 Million Americans…not since before WWII have this many Americans been out of work, wanting more work than they can find, or just threw in the towel…and the number continues to grow.

By ignoring the underemployed and marginally attached in their calculations, the Government can keep the unemployment number we see in the news nice and low giving everyone the impression that everything is only horrible, not catastrophic.

The problem is, as more people stop looking for work, or take less hours than they need…the unemployment number will continue to look good even as millions of people are added to the “I give up” crowd that spends their afternoons channel surfing the judge shows.

It’s not horrible…it IS catastrophic.

We will continue to see these not-widely-reported numbers grow as long as we continue to spend money we don’t have, regulate businesses until they wither and die, and support politicians, their corporate lap dogs and their crony-capitalistic governance of our country.

We need to return to TRUE capitalism with no government intervention and a free market economy with a balanced federal budget achieved through trillions of dollars in budget cuts.

The day we are brave enough to do that is the day we will see the United States rebound and become stronger than ever.

Read more at US NEWS.

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