CBS baptizes Ron Paul renaming him “Someone Else” & MSNBC ignores the “$4M” part of Obama’s $4M Hawaii Vacation

January 8th Update – If you think this is bad, see what CBS just did on my new post by clicking here.

At the top of my list to be thankful for this holiday season is the Internet. CBS and most (if not all, and I am not excusing Fox News from this gaggle) major news agencies continue to pretend the elephant that is Ron Paul is decidedly not in the room, and MSNBC removed the “4” key from their correspondents keyboards so they can’t report how many millions the Obama & Friends Christmas Vacation is costing the taxpayer this year.

I know a lot of people, and when I say people I mean dullards, talk about all of the misinformation on the internet and the danger of taking any of the information there too seriously. Yeah, right…because the information coming from CBS, NBC, CNN and ABC is so much more honest, balanced and intellectually stimulating? Gimme a break. If God created the Internet, that might be enough to make me reconsider my atheistic heathenism and go to church tonight.

As far as I’m concerned, the Internet is the last but greatest line of resistance against the major media outlets that surrendered their informational independence long ago for the warm, safe security of corporatism where government and corporations merge into a tyrannical goo that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe making it hard to walk and you just can’t scrape it all off no matter how hard you try to and always find yourself asking, “Where is that funky smell coming from?”

Gooey CBS is reporting that Mitt and Newt are tied for first place in their latest poll, with the third position held by “someone else” even though according to their own poll that “someone else” with the third highest polling numbers is actually Ron Paul. They even went so far as to use a black silhouette for the face of “he-who-shall-not-be-named” so the socialist CBS commentators would not have to vomit on themselves from being exposed to an image of Ron Paul.

Meanwhile, if you Google “MSNBC+Obama+Hawaii+Vacation,” the first five search returns are all reports from MSNBC discussing Obama’s vacation, and not a single one of them discusses the $4M price tag.

Media bias…it’s where that funky smell is coming from.

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  1. Your friend just left this link on reddit talking about this. My question is how do we know that this is Ron Paul? Isn’t it possible that in the poll they had a selection for “Someone else” who isn’t mentioned in the poll? Or that “Someone else” is an aggregation of all the other candidates? How do you know that someone else is “Ron Paul?”

    • What friend? I have no idea who put that on Reddit. I have a day job, I try to be a Patriot and post something useful here when I can but I don’t have time to play games or even spend the time I should on increasing traffic with stuff like that. I do appreciate whoever did do that though. (Update: Was just reviewing Reddit again. Someone said they texted me. I don’t know anything about that. Maybe their friend claiming to be a friend of mine, I have no idea).

      If you read the CBS article it says that the “Someone Else” is an aggregate of the remaining candidates, but that doesn’t matter because the person who did in fact have the NEXT HIGHEST number of votes, who was in fact in THIRD PLACE…WAS RON PAUL. Everyone knows if that third person with the third highest number of votes had been Cain or Bachmann or Santorum, then CBS would have absolutely, without question, put their face in that spot. The media have never had a problem with listing candidates and working around Ron. Even during the straw polls in Iowa early on when Ron Paul came in SECOND, I saw a montage on YouTube of all the major media outlets talking about the person who came in first and THIRD….skipping over Ron Paul in second place entirely. The media pundit even went on to say that, “it’s a heated race between” the first and third winner of that poll. It’s outrageous.

      As for CBS, it was precisely BECAUSE the third winner was Ron Paul, and precisely because the Media leans left, that they chose a black silhouette and lumped Ron Paul in with all the other candidates, many of whom can’t even fill a closet with their supporters.

      It’s ridiculous, it’s obvious and this is just one example in a never ending string of examples that only started getting attention when Jon Stewart did a piece on his show about it, blaming the media for the obvious black out of Ron Paul. He even called Ron Paul the “13th floor of politics” due to the media. This is just one more example of how they keep Ron Paul’s name out of the news…and why? Because once people actually look into what he believes, and his decades long track record of Constitutionality and principled government, they too want Ron Paul. So it is in the best interest of the media to keep even HIS NAME off our TV sets and the RADIO waves…information, truth and ideas are the ultimate enemies of big government and unfortunately, our media biased TV is where most Americans turn to for all three.

      Check out my latest update today (January 8) showing how CBS couldn’t even hide Ron Paul in their latest poll results by saying “Someone Else” because he actually came in second. How can they list the #1 person and THEN say “Someone Else” as #2, etc… so they just omitted him completely. Do we really need any more evidence?

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