Amazing Paintings by Jon McNaughton – Visit the Gallery – Please Support this American Patriot

I just bought the 20X30 print of The Forgotten Man from Jon McNaughton. Can’t wait to get it! I’ll probably also get Wake Up America next month. Beautiful work from this artist!

When you visit the website, click on the painting and scroll over the surface. The artist has included notes, and “keys” that explain how we can free ourselves from our Government. He includes historical information, historical facts, and provides an education on what the Founders wanted, which we have long since abandoned, placing us in our current oppressed existence.

I love visiting museums that have American and colonial works of art. I love that this artist is painting in the same style but about our current condition, a deteriorating America collapsing in on itself. Educating a government-educated populace is what we need to free ourselves from the chains. If you can, please support the artist or spread the word of his paintings to others.

Visit the McNaughton Fine Art gallery and support this artist!

To the right side of the image, Obama tramples the Constitution, while past Presidents that have done the same applaud. To the left side of the image, our Founding Fathers watch on, angry and horrified at what we have become. James Madison, the Father of the Constitution reaches down in disbelief and agony at the destruction of his creation that keeps us all free. Meanwhile, The Forgotten Man that supports his family and just wants to work hard continues to suffer under our Big Government tyranny.

Obama rains money down on the entitlement populace of America that expects government to support them and be the answer to all of their problems. As he promises more and more government handouts in exchange for our freedom and our future, the chains of debt enslavement wrap around us and our children. The Forgotten Man kneels in the center, desperately trying to saw away the chains. Even those opposing Obama become chained since Big Government policies enslave everyone, making the hard working class slaves to the lazy entitlement class. Leaders of other oppressive nations stand behind Obama, applauding his ability to enslave Americans with such ease.

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