Dad blows away daughter’s laptop with a .45 caliber gun – Why people are dishonest about why they don’t like what he did…

Before we get started on this post, I’d like you to look at this picture of a gun and read the caption under the picture. Really think about how you feel when you look at it. Then read my post…

Look at this gun. How does it make you feel?

As I am sure many of you have already heard, there is a viral video out in cyberspace about a father using a .45 caliber gun to shoot his daughter’s laptop after she posted two rants about her parents on her Facebook wall loaded with obscenities.

For the record, I completely support his action, but I think a shotgun would have been more efficient.


His daughter was not around when he did it. He was out in an empty field. He wasn’t waving the gun around at all and the laptop was on the ground where he shot a few rounds straight down into it. On the video he also read some of the things his daughter posted on her wall. He was calm, and stern and completely in control of what he was doing.

Before I left work this morning, the TODAY show was going to talk about it, and on the way in I heard our local radio station KROQ with Kevin & Bean talking about it. I already knew what the problem was going to be with anyone that did not like what they saw on this video.

If you have a problem with what this father did, then all you have to do is ask yourself if you would still have a problem with it if he had used a sledgehammer, a bat or ran over the laptop with his car? If your answer changes, then your problem has nothing to do with his parenting and everything to do with YOUR problem with guns. It’s that simple.

Now think about how you felt when you looked at the picture of a gun at the top of this post, and continue reading…

Thanks to the liberal media and society at large, most zombie citizens can’t think for themselves and have been trained like Pavlovian Dogs to cringe, lash out or otherwise be appalled at anything that somehow involves a firearm. Maybe you had bad feelings when you looked at a picture of a gun? Just a picture! What does that tell you about yourself?

This was made clear on KROQ when Kevin and Bean were talking and one asked the other, “Would you still have had a problem with it if he didn’t use a gun? If he used a sledgehammer or something else?” And the answer was, “Yeah, it’s the gun part that bothers me.” Sheep. People are sheep. They all have an irrational fear of guns that suddenly makes anything done with them, even if their use was acceptable or justified, somehow bad.

For the record, I don’t own a gun, but I am a lifetime member of the NRA because I believe in protecting our right to have and carry firearms. Every month I get the NRA magazine and every month there is a page dedicated to teenagers using a gun in protecting their families from robbers that broke into the house, elderly people shooting people trying to rob them, even a pregnant woman shooting a group of men that broke into her house and were trying to rob her, or worse. Every  month these stories are printed in the NRA magazine. Do you hear any of these stories in the news? Do you ever hear about people using guns to protect themselves, the millions of times each year that it happens. No, you don’t, because the media keeps a tight lid on those stories making sure you never do. They know if you did, you might shake out of your zombie like coma of irrational fear and decide that guns aren’t that bad after all.

So if your opinion of this incident is, “I don’t like what he did,” at least be honest enough with those you share your opinion with to point out it’s your irrational fear of firearms that terrifies you about the video, and not how this father taught his daughter a lesson.

The only thing I am sorry about for this father, is that he had to blow $5 in hollow-point bullets to destroy a laptop he had spent $130 on the night before updating it for his daughter. I think a shotgun would have been more efficient. What a waste of perfectly good bullets…and software.

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