TSA says, “Moving freely in my own country is a priviledge, not a right.”

More encounters with my run-ins with the TSA, from the front lines…

Since I choose to OPT OUT everytime I am subjected to using the full body scanners at the airport, I don’t know what is worse…having to opt out to protect my rights or the incredibly stupid conversations I have to have with the TSA agents.

For example, I told the TSA agent groping me up today that there are multiple studies that show radiation from the scanners could give TSA agents exposure to cancer with enough time exposed to them. His response? If they are so smart to detect cancer, why aren’t they smart enough to cure it? ??? OMG.

These are the people “protecting” you.

He argued with me that I should just choose not to fly…and I said I don’t have that option because I need to for work. I also said that the method of travel I choose to move about my own country should not matter, car, train, bus, plane. I went on to say that I had a Constitutional right to travel around my own country, including by air, as a free citizen. What was his response?

“That is a priviledge, not a right.” I asked him to CONFIRM that he meant moving around the country, by any means, and he said yes.

OH MY GOD. Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman, the TSA admits that moving freely about the country is a priviledge, in other words a gift from your government that they ALLOW you to move around the country. Which means it is also something they can TAKE AWAY, since they don’t see it as a natural right you have as a free human in a free country.

This is the same logic that can allow this TSA bullshit to expand to trains, bus stations, car travel, to random stops and inspections, to the infamous days of the Nazi’s stopping people randomly on the street saying, “Papers please…may I please see your papers?” And God help you if you did not have them…since without proof of who you are…you can not prove you have the RIGHT the government has gifted you, to move about your own country freely. So, into the jail you’d go.

I will spend all summer opting out of TSA invasions of my privacy and yours….will YOU the next time you can?

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  1. Oh PLEASE – you can’t expect *one* TSA agent to represent the *entire* TSA.

    Anyone can become a TSA agent. In fact, our mutual coworker mailroom guy was (possibly still is) a TSA agent – it was his second job to make some extra cash.

    So climb down off your soapbox on this one, sonny. 😉

    • 😉 First off, sorry for delay. I was traveling all week for work.

      I have talked to a long list of these guys and what comes out of their mouths is astonishing and frightening at the same time. I haven’t posted about them all because…it would be every 5th post, especially during my summer travel season. Here are some more examples of the intelligence levels of these TSA guys…and I will have dozens more all summer long…so yes, “one” TSA agent is quite actually representing them all….

      I asked one TSA agent if he thought we should expand searches to people’s homes and cars, without reasonable cause or a warrant, if the government thought it was a good idea to just do these random searches. He said yes. He was from China. So I asked him, “You of all people should be aware of tyranny and what happens to an out of control government.” His response? “There should be no limits to what government can do when it comes to security.” Scared yet?

      On a different occasion, I told the TSA agent I wanted to Opt-Out, and he said, “Even if this one doesn’t use radiation?” WTF? They ALL use radiation. So he is either lying on his own, instructed to lie, or too stupid to know they don’t make fully body scanners that don’t use radiation. But think about that…he is TELLING citizens that his scanner doesn’t have any radiation. So when all else fails, just f’n lie to the public. Scared yet?

      A TSA agent asked me why I opted-out. I was too exhausted to spar with this guy so I said, “Lotsa reasons.” So he said, “Do you travel a lot?” and I said, “Yes.” So he said, “Yeah, if I traveled a lot I’d opt out too. I mean, I only have five years left until I retire, so I don’t mind, but these young guys being around those machines for ten years or more…not good.” Sooooooo, if a TSA agent acknowledges that HE doesn’t want to be around those radiation emitting machines, and is concerned for his younger fellow TSA agents, and empathizes with my desire to not use them…what does that tell you? Scared yet?

      Another TSA agent, while we were arguing, asked me, “What are you some kinda lawyer or something?” So I said, “Why do only lawyers deserve to have their right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, to protection from warrantless search and seizures and from radiation exposure?” He gets all upset. He walks off after he finishes the pat down and stands next to the line of people going into the scanner and starts making fun of me. He starts pointing at me and telling the other passengers I was some crazy guy, making all this stuff up, yelling it out so the whole crowd can hear it…I was packed up and walking away and he was STILL making fun of me to all the other passengers. Scared yet?

      So how many more TSA agents, their ignorance, their Stormtrooper mentality, and in some cases, their vindictiveness, do I have to write about before everyone realizes this is a problem?

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