Trayvon Martin & Media Bias, yet again…

Update: 03/13/14 – This baby-faced photo is in fact Trayvon Martin as of August 2011, as per the Martin Family attorney. This is the photo shown on TV. This is a classic example of our Statist race baiting media.

The Media purposely put a young, smiling picture of Treyvon Martin in front of you to MANIPULATE YOU.
That young little boy now goes by NoLimitNigga on Twitter (see my update below on the Twitter account)
You are being emotionally manipulated by the Liberal media to keep the race hate pot stirred. Don’t fall for it.

Update: 03/13/14

A new comment on this post has brought to my attention the inaccuracy of a Trayvon photo on this post.  As near as I can tell, only one photo is inaccurate, the juxtaposition photo below with Zimmerman in a yellow tie. The media is, in fact, bias against white people, it’s simply that that particular photo is not Trayvon. I am linking to a Snopes article regarding the photos that were widely circulated around the Internet and inserting two additional Snopes-verified photos of Trayvon below (the photo original to this post to the right in the red shirt is also verified accurate). The commenter could have been more polite, and simply pointed out the inaccuracy so I could post a correction, instead of being crude, and perhaps even been helpful and given me a link. That aside, it is important to update my posts when someone, no matter how rudely, points out a verifiable inaccuracy. As far as whether Zimmerman was Mexican or not, at the time of writing this post, that was the information available. I heard it on my TV, the radio, the internet. First he was white, then he was Mexican, then White-Mexican, so now he’s Peruvian. If he turns out to be Turkish tomorrow, I don’t care. The point was that the media was initially referring to him as white since something is only evil if a white person does it. I also found this website; a related and interesting read (end 03/13/14 update).

Right off the bat, I know nothing about this case. I know a black teenager was shot by a half white, half Mexican “other-than-black” guy. That’s all I know. But that’s all I need to know to call out the media for their media bias, again.

I really hate the MSM. Nothing manipulates, controls, hypnotizes and stupefies the common public like liberally biased media.

I was watching TV this morning and they were talking about Trayvon Martin, and put a photo up of him in a red shirt. He looked about 12 years old or so with a nice big smile on his face. They also put up a picture of the guy who shot him, who looked big, a mix of some race or other and had a mean look on his face. (Update: 03/13/14 – The photo juxtaposition above was the one I saw on TV, and is in fact Trayvon Martin. This is wrong, vile and typical of liberal race baiting. It is a racist attempt to make the stereotypical, other-than-black individual guilty before the trial even begins).

The liberal media is racist, absolutely racist.

They want to ensure that tensions between (other-than-black) whites and blacks and Mexicans (other-other-than-blacks) are never resolved. When it bleeds it leads, and racial harmony is not good entertainment. So to keep the pot stirring, the media purposely put a five-year old picture of Trayvon on TV, before the tattoos, the gold teeth, the Facebook Gangsta photos and the NoLimitNigga twitter account to manipulate and control your emotions so your knee-jerk reaction is to hate the mean looking guy, ’cause he shot that smiling young  little black boy. (Update 03/13/14 – Regarding the Twitter Account, here is a Blaze article that discusses it. Draw your own conclusions).

To be fair, why didn’t they put a picture of the other guy up when he was 12 years old? How about that? That would be fair, right? Why not put up a picture of Trayvon as a baby with a rattle in his hand, so people will think this guy is a baby killer? I mean…if a recent picture seems to be out of the question, then why is it only just far enough back in time to make him look like an innocent young boy, but not so far back to suggest an infant was slaughtered?

Why is it fair to put up a picture of Trayvon before he went all gangsta, next to the other guy in County Jail orange? If that doesn’t TELL YOU what to think, I don’t know what does. The media is pure, raw, evil. Anything you see on TV, you have to assume is a lie. You must verify everything on your own, the news and the media are absolutely, uniformly, without question, USELESS and LIARS. (Update 03/13/14 – These statements are still related to what I saw on TV that day, not the incorrect photo below. The media are all race baiters. Nothing changes that.).


Update: 03/13/14 – This photo is not of Trayvon Martin


Hat tip to ThreeDonia for the image below that helps clarify the problem…imagine if the media showed the LEFT side of pictures instead of the RIGHT side? Looking at each side, don’t you “feel” a bit differently about each of them? Yes you do. So now you know how the media WANTED you to feel and did it on purpose.

A commenter has stated that the ThreeDonia photos are not accurate for the “after” picture of Trayvon. I have not tried to confirm whether the “after” picture is or is not Trayvon, but to be safe I have included two pictures that I know to be recent Trayvon pictures. (Update 03/13/14 – Additional verified photos of Trayvon are below, a family photo and a close up).


Update: 03/13/14 – Trayvon Martin is the young man to the far right of the picture, standing.


Baby Face Trayvon

Update: 03/13/14 – Very nice baby face photo of Trayvon. Was the wrong photo circulated on the internet and shown on my blog? Yes. Does it change the Liberal medias bias to show “other-than-black” people in a bad light, and black people in a good light? Nope. Not a bit.









As I said to the commenter, it makes no difference to the facts of the case and that the purpose of my post was to point out how the media is unfairly juxtaposing a much younger jovial picture of Trayvon against an angry, jail uniformed Zimmerman in order to control your emotions, and help you pass judgment against Zimmerman before the trial has even begun. Above I show a “before” picture of Zimmerman where he looks like a normal guy, just like any of us, next to one of Trayvon’s Facebook photos, and below are three pictures of Trayvon, without his boyish childlike charms (yes, that is supposedly marijuana smoke).

Now look back at the picture of Trayvon the media was showing 24/7. How does that feel now?


Update: 03/13/14 – This photo was not refuted by Snopes and probably is Trayvon.


Update: 03/13/14 – This photo was also not refuted by Snopes and is also likely to be Trayvon.


Update: 03/13/14 – This photo was not refuted by Snopes even though it was widely circulated as a photo of Trayvon (as were the prior two) and Snopes did address the other widely circulated photos that I have, therefore this is most likely Trayvon but not confirmed.


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  1. “ThreeDonia” has the wrong pictures. The bottom left pictures are not of Trayvon Martin at all.

    “Looking at each side, don’t you “feel” a bit differently about each of them?”

    Yes I do. I feel like the media used a real picture of Zimmerman to describe him while the conservative media and shills have to use pictures of OTHER PEOPLE to demonize Martin. Apparently, legitimate pictures of him smoking weed or flipping the bird don’t look menacing enough, so you have to use photos of someone that looks more menacing.

    The pictures on the left that are marked ‘Trayvon Grown Up’ are not Trayvon Martin. Why would you guys even think that they are? The bone structure and facial features are all wrong in the ‘thug’ pictures. I mean, are you blind? Or do you not have the ability to tell two black people apart? The guy’s eyebrows, jawline

    Also, for the record, the holister picture was taken when Trayvon was 15, a little over a year before he was shot and killed. He wasn’t 12 in that picture.

    Here’s a picture of what Martin really looked like.

    Whatever the task, be it large or small, do it right, or not at all. The pictures that you posted are of an entirely different person.

    • To be honest, I don’t really care what the “adult” pictures of Trayvon looked like. The purpose of posting any picture at all was to show that it was NOT the picture of the docile little angel the progressive pro-State media was circulating to sound the thunderous drums of emotional sentimentality into the weak minded mob classes. And since the accuracy of what Trayvon looked like when he was older makes no difference to the facts of the case, which entirely support Zimmerman’s innocence, I have retracted the pictures provided by ThreeDonia and inserted four accurate pictures of Trayvon as an adult there instead. And of course, upon reviewing those pictures, any rational person will not feel any differently about the new pictures versus the old pictures. He still looks like a thug, and is still guilty, and nothing changes.

      I have not had time to do an additional post on this subject, but there is another reason I care not about the age or seeming docility of any particular photo. For example, in Stamford, CT just two months ago, a 39 year old man was put in the hospital from a brutal beating given to him by a 12 year old. He almost lost his eye because the 12 year old smashed it backward into his eye socket, then savagely beat his face to a pulp. The pictures of the victim are traumatic. There was a gang of them, probably all the same age, but the one arrested for it was a 12 year old. Now…the man beaten was Mexican, and the progressive pro-State media not surprisingly, failed to provide a picture of the assailant, or the gang, or even mention their race, (I am sure hiding behind all of the laws protecting minors) which means only one thing to me…he, and/or all of them, are black. The absence of the media pointing this out pretty much guarantees it. In fact, good luck finding the story anywhere on the internet. It took me ten minutes of Google searching to find out it was in Stamford, and what the name of the victim was, so I could find an article about it and from only a local TV station. I guess MSNBC was too busy tearing Zimmerman apart to cover the story that day. Type in Trayvon though, and your RAM is slammed with a million articles. Typical progressive media…control the information, control the minds of the sheeple. So if a 12 year old can put a man in the hospital, then age is not really a factor when it comes to the ability for someone to kill someone else, and that someone else defending themselves with a gun to prevent it.

      Now what would have happened had this Mexican pulled a gun on this black 12-year old and shot him? Looking at the brutal beating photos, he was clearly justified to do so. And yet, I wonder how liberals would have reacted to that. And what if he was not Mexican, but white? We can only imagine the outrage, the lynch mobs, the media circus frenzy. So in the end, what matters is that the media tried to play on the emotions of America to pass judgement on Zimmerman before the investigation had even begun. That is what my post was about. As far as I’m concerned, if someone is beating the crap out of you, whether that be slamming your eye into your eye socket or smashing your head into the pavement, it does not matter whether they are 12, 17 or 40 years old. If they started it, and you are in fear for your life, you are in both the moral and the legal right to shoot them.

      When 12 Year Olds Attack:

      • “The purpose of posting any picture at all was to show that it was NOT the picture of the docile little angel the progressive pro-State media was circulating to sound the thunderous drums of emotional sentimentality into the weak minded mob classes.”

        Then show ACTUAL pictures of TRAYVON MARTIN, not pictures of OTHER PEOPLE with the words ‘TRAYVON MARTIN’ plastered on them. Doing that just makes you look like a twat.

        ” Looking at the brutal beating photos”

        Zimmerman’s injuries were trivial. If you’ve actually seen people that have actually suffered a brutal beating, you’d know this.


        Why do you keep calling Zimmerman a mexican? His mother was from PERU. Peru is incredibly far from Mexico. By your logic, a brazillian is a mexican.

      • Thank you for requesting a correction. I have updated the post as of 3/14/14. As noted, the first image on my post is in fact Trayvon Martin. The only picture verified to not be him is the second photo labeled MEDIA BIAS. I have also added two more photos that have been verified to be Trayvon Martin.

        As far as his ethnicity, great, he’s Peruvian. I included that as part of the update, and I didn’t even verify it. I’ll just take your word for it, and that’s because it has no bearing on the point of the post. What we can all agree on, without a doubt, is that he is NOT BLACK, and that is all that matters in regards to this post.

        As far as violence…if you received the same injuries that Zimmerman received, you would not call them trivial. Stop trying to downplay what happened by trivializing his beating. If one man murders 10 people and another only murders 5, is the first man “more” evil than the other man? No. They are equally evil. Evil is evil. Violence is violence.

        Trying to split hairs about which violence is more violent than other violence is just an attempt to distract from the point of the post by setting up a straw man argument. Based on what you said, you would be okay with it if someone beat you up, as long as they stopped short of your personal definition of a “brutal beating” as opposed to what? just a “nominal beating?” Hahaha. You’d just stand up, tell the cops everything’s fine, let your attacker go free, as it wasn’t a “brutal beating” it was just a “light and airy beating,” wipe the blood off your face and walk away, since it was brutal, just not brutal ENOUGH. Right? Your hair splitting is ridiculous, but entertaining, nonetheless. Thanks for the chuckle.

        Violence is violence. The moment someone comes in contact with someone else, with intent to cause harm, it is a violation of our natural rights. Period.

      • AWC, I’ve received WORSE injuries than Zimmerman had both in and outside of a fight. Once form a skateboarding accident where I hit a pebble and slid on my face and bled all over the place, another where I slipped while walking up a hill and slid back down on my face and bled all over the place while riding the bus home from school right after, one time I hit the top of my head on an underhand while jumping over a barrier between my kitchen and living room causing the top of my head to bleed and once in a fight where the guy I was fighting pulled out a box cutter and slashed my face . Not to mention a broken nose in an auto accident when I was a young kid or the time my foot got impaled or the time I broke a few bones in my foot. Not to mention the time I crushed both my big toes and my tonails never grew back right.

        Zimmerman’s injuries were trivial. I’ve seen people that had real injuries and had really been beaten up. Zimmerman looks nothing like them. He looks like a guy that slipped on some grass and bumped his own head while in a struggle with someone else.

  2. Also, for the record, the kid in your media bias picture is NOT of the Trayvon Martin that was shot and killed. It is of a (now 14 year old) kid that is STILL ALIVE that lives in Atlanta Georgia. You see, stomfront trolls didn’t do an ounce of research when they went looking for dirt on Trayvon, so they picked out the first person named ‘Trayvon Martin’ that they found without doing any fact checking.

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