Group of Blacks Face Punch, Strip & Rob a White Man. Hate Crime? Silence from Media, Jesse, Al and Obama suggests they disagree.

A young white male partying on St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Baltimore is shown in the video below being harassed by a group of black males. As the white male turns around, a young black male pulls his arm way back and slams his fist directly into the white male’s forehead knocking him straight to the ground. You can hear his skull bounce off the sidewalk as he lands.

Then a group of blacks surround the white male, now lying on the ground and barely conscious and begin stripping him of his money, his wallet, his iPhone…all of his personal belongings.

This is a hate crime, where black males targeted a young white man and punched him so hard his head bounced off the sidewalk then stole everything he had.

So where is Obama’s speech about hate crimes for this assault? He can squeeze out a few seconds for Trayvon Martin but this white guy isn’t worth it, right Obama? I mean, hell, he’s only white. Wrong color, right? I guess since he can’t possibly look like the son you never had, justice doesn’t matter on this one, right?

How about the British family that sent the White House three letters asking for some word from Obama when their son was killed by a black man while begging for his life? As the father put it when no response from Obama was forthcoming; “His [Obama’s] failure to respond to three letters sent to the White House was because there was no “political value” and not worthy of a few minutes of his time.”

Where is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton calling for an escalation of violence against blacks if justice is not served?

Where is the National Media, showing these attacks as an example of their supposed “unbiased” reporting?

Oh yes, I remember now…it’s only a “hate crime” if it’s white on black. If this had been a black man’s head bouncing off the sidewalk from a white man’s fist and white boys had surrounded him and relieved him of his possessions, or a white man had shot a black man (oh wait…sounds recently familiar), then Obama, Al, Jesse and the Media would have been declaring our nation in racial Armageddon.

Hypocrites. We are lead and spoon fed what to believe by a leadership of  evil hypocrites.

How about this one? A 50 year old man beaten by two black teens with a hammer? Heard about that one? NOPE! Because it’s not a hate crime, right? RIGHT?

How about a 91 year old WW2 veteran being head punched silly by a black man? Heard about that one? NOPE! Because it’s not a hate crime, right? RIGHT?

How about this poor guy at a pizza shop? A black guy sucker punches a white guy, knocks him out, then keeps beating him. Not a hate crime, right? RIGHT?

You might have to sign into your YouTube account to view this video. Yes, the beating is that bad.

Here’s a 17 year old boy being beaten by a group of black teens. Not a hate crime though, right? RIGHT?

I am not saying that white men do not beat up on black men and that some portion of those assaults are not hate crimes. They are. What I am saying, is that all we ever hear about are when whites beat up blacks, and almost never, the other way around. As usual, this is the media controlling what you think because they want you to think a very specific way.

You are being manipulated. You are being lied to about race relations, guns, the economy, government’s purpose, labor unions…you are being subjected to a systematic drip feed of carefully screened information so you consistently run a deficit of the “whole story” and therefore make decisions and vote for politicians and support laws that have been drafted to fit neatly with your media-formatted preconceived notions.

You must question everything, and I mean everything, that comes from the Government or the Media. You must seek out the “whole story” and the truth. Otherwise, you are just one more citizen puppet having your strings pulled.

One last point I want to make. If any single one of these onlookers and bystanders had been carrying a gun, which is their Constitutional right, all of these attacks would have been prevented or minimized, the victims would not have been hurt or killed and the criminals would be in jail or dead. This is why the Founders and the Constitution guarantee our right to carry arms. The criminals will always ignore gun laws and can always get them and carry them, but the Government has made every effort and continues to do so, to make it harder and harder or downright illegal for a law-abiding citizen to carry a gun for self-protection. And this is what we get. Thugs and criminals with or without guns of their own, beating the private citizen at random with impunity because they know for a fact that the Government has done an excellent job of disarming everyone around them while they commit their crimes.

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  1. The bloody animals now, but then That trash Obama and Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton want a race war…their all cowards…

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