Are You A ‘Maker’ Or A ‘Taker?’ Take This One Question Quiz & Find Out

In America today, there are only two competing thoughts about the role of Government and its relationship to The People.

Please read slowly and carefully, with purpose, from the following two sections and then answer the question at the bottom to determine which relationship you believe is the correct one that America should follow.

Thought #1: The thought that every man is free from every other man and has only one right provided at birth…the right to survive, and in securing that right he must engage his mind and his body to produce or procure what he needs to survive without infringing on this same right from anyone else. When a man works to survive, then we must agree that his efforts are all his own, as nobody can claim to own the labor of another if the other is truly a free man, therefore the fruits of his efforts are as much his property as the labor he exerted to create them. For example, if you own the eggs, the milk and the flour do you not also own the cake? Yes, you do, and you are free to eat it, donate it, trade it, or throw it away because it only existed in the first place because of your labor. Without you, there would be no cake.

Thought #2: You don’t own the cake. If you exercise the freedom to choose to use your own labor to secure your own survival, you do not have the freedom to keep the product of that labor. Your hard work may very well be yours, and we know this to be true because you can choose not to work at all, but the product of your labor is not yours, and we know this to be true because you can not choose to keep it. Others who believe they do not have enough, or believe that you have too much, or have exercised their freedom to choose and have chosen not to expend any effort of their own to secure their own survival have chosen to live off of your efforts by taking the products of it. They can do this illegally through theft and burglary or they can do it legally by electing politicians who will create taxes on those who produce and increase those taxes based on the demand from those who choose to take them. In return, those who live off the product of your labor will ensure the politician providing it to them stays in a position to continue doing so. So even though you may own the eggs, the milk and the flour, with the politicians help, millions of others legally own your cake.


This is the difference between the producers (the cake makers) and the looters (the cake takers). You don’t have to produce any cake at all, because nobody can force you to expend labor. That would be called slavery. But the moment you decide to expend labor, to secure your own survival, the Government can force you to surrender as much of the product of your labor as they see fit.

So I ask you…what is the difference? I know we can all agree that nobody owns anyone else’s labor because that is the definition of slavery, so then is not taking the fruit of that labor also slavery? If it is not, then I challenge anyone to define it differently.

Since the amount of your cake that can be taken from you is chosen by the Government, a Government which acts as a representative of the legal theft of the product of your efforts as others demand it for themselves, then the reality is that the Government owns all of your cake and does not decide how much  to take, but rather how much you get to keep.


Question #1: Which of the following foundations for America would you prefer you or your children grew up in?

A) ‘Maker’ – Thought #1

B) ‘Taker’ – Thought #2

If you answered (A) then you want Libertarianism, the foundation the Constitution was built on.

If you answered (B) then you want Collectivism, the foundation that Marxism, Socialism and Communism are based on.

For 184 years Americans chose (A) and as a result, America became the wealthiest, most powerful, most prosperous nation on earth raising the standard of living not only for her own citizens, but for citizens around the world from her innovation, invention and technological advancement.

Last night, the majority of Americans chose (B), and those Americans demand that you start preheating your oven. It’s time to bake. Still think you’re not a slave?

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  1. What happens if you burn your cake?

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