Widow and Mother of 3 Lost House for Unpayed $6.30 Penalty Tax

From the chronicles of, “Why You Are Not Free” let’s take a look at what happens when you fail to pay your land rent to the Government. In this case, a mom that had her house stolen from her by the Government. Some Liberals will say, “Well she should have known better.” That misses the point entirely. The rule that she should have “known better” about should never have existed in the first place – and it’s this, ‘return to fundamental principles’ that Liberals don’t want to talk about. They want to focus on what is, and what people did wrong based on what is, without asking if what is should even be in the first place.

Democrats all agree that 100% taxation is theft and slavery, but not one Democrat can tell me what % is no longer theft and slavery, and no two Democrats would agree on the same amount anyway.This is the kind of anarchy-of-thought that Governments love. The longer we reject universally defined concepts, like freedom versus slavery, then the longer we waste time justifying our emotionally driven personal “guess” of what amount is the right amount and for who and when it should not apply, or apply less, or apply more, except in these specific cases, in which case it only applies this much, but not when these other things are true and only when this one other thing is definitely not true and then try and pretend that we can get even ten people in a room to agree on any of that. Or we can call direct taxation theft and move humanity one giant leap towards freedom.

Taxation should only apply to consumption. Why? Because you can avoid or limit consumption and in avoiding it, punish those collecting the taxes when they tax something too much. We pay taxes on gas, and those taxes are spent on roads, at least in theory. We can do things to limit our exposure to that tax. We can buy more efficient cars, use cheaper gas, move closer to work or find a closer job, move to a State with less gas tax, carpool, use transit, use a motorcycle or moped, etc…  If the taxes on gas are too high, people will do these things to avoid the tax, and tax revenues will fall. Therefore the Government learns that raising taxes on this product actually causes tax receipts to decline as demand declines. This creates a natural check-and-balance on how much the Government can tax us. Is it perfect? No, but it is the only system that creates a direct link between us and our Government where we actually have the power to limit their spending and expansion. Still not convinced? Consider property taxes.

We are all renters, even home owners. You can never own the land your house sits on. Your city, county or State owns it, not you. You will pay rent on that land until the day you die. That is why property taxes are called Government Land Rent. New Jersey has the highest property tax rate at 2.38% while California has one of the lowest at 0.81% (only because conservative voters in 1978 amended the State constitution). Is New Jersey some mecca of Democrat perfection? Are people moving to New Jersey in droves now that all those tax revenues have created a perfect liberal paradise? Not at all, in fact more people are leaving New Jersey than moving there. This is why it is important to have a direct connection between those who tax, and those who pay the taxes, in that those who pay can avoid or limit their exposure to the tax and in so doing, restrain the normal, natural and historically proven guarantee of all governments to expand as much and as quickly as possible.

 Widow and Mother of 3 Lost House for Unpayed $6.30 Penalty Tax

I was recently warning you that the banksters can legally steal your house, even after your mortgage is payed off. The following case is a clear example the government is no better, and the people don’t actually own anything.

ALIQUIPPA, PA — A judge has upheld the seizure and sale of a widow’s home over an unpaid property tax bill of $6.30. The homeowner claims that if she knew about the bill she would have paid it.

Eileen Battisti, 53, of Aliquippa, lost legal rights to her home in September 2011 due to the tiny late fee. She has since been fighting for an appeal in court.  She says Beaver County failed to provide her proper notice of the sale.

Battisti, who lost her husband several years ago, has said that she has struggled to keep up with taxes and financial burdens alone. Battisti paid her 2008 Center Area School District taxes six days late. Though she paid the balance in full, but she did not pay an additional $6.30 interest fee for the late payment by a May 1, 2009, deadline.

“I paid everything, and didn’t know about the $6.30,” said Battisti.

The county then continued to penalize her on the $6.30 with additional late fees and interest. By 2011 it reached $234.72 — yet Battisti says she was still not aware of it.

Ultimately her home at 118 Rosewood Drive, valued at $280,000, was sold off at auction for $116,000 to a buyer named S.P. Lewis, of Imperial. Battisti says that Lewis, offered to sell it back to her for over twice what he paid.


“They wanted $250,000, and they would give the house back,” said Battisti’s attorney, Joseph M. Spratt. “I found them repulsive — their approach toward this.”

Battisti would receive $108,039 in proceeds from the sale, but would lose twice that amount in equity.

“Yes, I had issues. I’m a widow. I’m raising three kids on my own, trying to put them through college,” Battisti said. “Yes, it took me a while to get the bills, but I pay my bills. To steal a house for $6 is ludicrous.

A shocking estimate given by county Solicitor Joseph Askar reveals that the county seizing between 600 to 1,000 properties per year over unpaid taxes. Beaver County has 170,000 residents.

“I’m going to fight it until my dying day,” Battisti said.

She will be allowed to stay in the home until a final ruling is made.

The tragedy of Eileen Battisti exposes the utter degradation of property rights in the USA. Property owners have been reduced to mere tenants on land that is ultimately controlled by the government.

Such property taxes ensure that no one can ever own their land free-and-clear, and Americans are all one lost piece of mail away from losing everything to land-grabbing extortionists.

Reference: PSUSA;

About site staff: Writer, editor, political activist and liberty advocate. PSUSA has been exposing the police state since 2010 and never runs out of material.


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