Damn Good Ideas! Obama – Please Read

Brothers KeeperI added a page to my blog (see above or click here) with the same title as this post. Anyone is free to email or comment a submission.

The purpose of the page is to show how many incredibly wonderful ideas there are to improve everyone’s health, safety, save money, extend lives, root out terrorism, etc…

These ideas all require some trampling of your Constitutional rights however, your right to privacy, your right to choose what you do with your own body, your rights as a parent, etc…but you shouldn’t notice much since so many have already been trampled, what’s a few more if it saves lives!?

There is not a Liberal or Politician alive that should be upset with any of these ideas as many of these are simply extensions of ideas and laws that Liberals have already supported and passed. “Good ideas” one and all!

These good ideas promote the “greater good” of the “community” of which we are all now a part of, captive bound and double ironed to each other with chains of love and harmony and peace. These are ideas that only help, not hurt people. My brother, I am your keeper! I love you man.


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  1. Its bad enough that the public expects to find just about anything on the ‘net, but did we sign up for cameras on every street corner? Though the TV show “Person of Interest” is fictitious, but where does Hollywood come up with all those ideas? Hmm, makes me think it’s Hollywood who works with the Government to put the living fear in our everyday life. Google Maps and Sigalert are just doing us a favor to keep us involved of our commute home, which is another opportunity to play on our emotions. Once again making us drive in another direction or keeping us in our cars long enough to spend less time at home, thus spending more money on gas or the latest app; spending more time in the electronic world and providing the Government with more data about ourselves. …Damn it just seems to be more word salad.

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