College Park, Georgia School Massacre – Students Raped – Eleven Students Gunned Down

Police TapeTwo gunmen kicked in the door of an apartment on a college campus in College Park, Georgia. Eleven students were attending a birthday party inside, half of them girls. The gunmen seperated them by putting the girls in a room with one of the gunmen who then forced them to strip naked and then raped all of them. Before leaving, the gunmen made the kids hand over all of their cellphones and wallets and then shot all eleven students to leave no witnesses.

Memorials have been established for the victims and grief counselors are on site for the students and teachers. The two gunmen escaped and are at large in the area. They are both armed and dangerous. The town of College Park is on high alert and schools in the area have been closed. All campuses are on lock down with heightened security. The FBI is already on scene and local police from surrounding communities are helping in the search and providing additional security for the town’s frightened citizens.

For the anti-gun crowd, this is just another example of why guns need to be banned. The brutal rape and slaughtering of eleven students, the grief counselors working with striken loved ones and friends, a town sent into panic as two brutal gunmen are on the loose. Schools closed. Citizens outraged and grief stricken. Grade school portrait photos of all eleven smiling kids being shown on CNN all day and night with reporters standing in front of police tape interviewing crying and distraught students in nearby apartments sobbing, “It could have been us…we were right next door…this is so frightening.”

Unfortunately for the anti-gun crowd, the real story is that one of these brave eleven students pulled a handgun out of his backpack and shot the gunman who was watching the boys, then proceeded to kick in the door of the girls room right before the second gunman was about to rape them and shot him too. The girls were never raped. None of the students were killed. There were no grief stricken students. There was no 24/7 CNN coverage of this “massacre” looping the video every 15 minutes of crying parents, sobbing students, candlelight vigils, flower strewn and note covered memorials, and baby photos of the raped and slaughtered. The anti-gun crowd including our Liberal Politicians were not on every news channel smashing their fists into the table demanding more gun control laws and gun bans while exploiting the crisis to expedite anti-gun legislation that would not have prevented this “massacre” anyway. And why?

Because someone had a gun and it saved lives. And that’s why you never heard about it.

“Apparently, his intent was to rape and murder us all,” said student Charles Bailey. Bailey said the gunmen started counting bullets. “The other guy asked how many (bullets) he had. He said he had enough,” said Bailey.

And the final irony…the gunman (Lavant) who was shot before raping the girls jumped out of a window to run away and while lying on the ground unable to escape, begged for help, just like the girls he was going to rape would have done.

“And I heard someone say, ‘Someone help me. Call the police. Somebody call the police,'” said a neighbor. The neighbor said she believes it was Lavant, who was found dead near his apartment, only one building away.

Articles here and here.

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  1. I heard about this story, but probably only because I’m familiar with the area and still had friends living near there when this happened. It was pretty quiet and wasn’t anywhere near being national news. There was also an incident at Georgia State while I was a student there. A gunman came onto campus (the story was that he was angry with his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend) but he was deterred because of some plain clothes, gun toting officers that happened to be in the building he planned on going nuts. It was totally by chance, but the sight of men with guns made him stop in his tracks, panic, and get himself arrested.
    I think, in general, the person who is committing these types of crimes is a coward. The sight of another person with a gun CAN be enough to stop them, or at least make them hesitate long enough for people to get to safety. Even if you have someone on a suicidal mission, they’re going to want to live long enough to carry out whatever sick act they have in mind. If the presence of other people with guns can make this nutjobs think twice, isn’t it worth a try?

    • Looking at some of the crime maps and reading other blogs, as well as books I’ve read like Larry Elder’s, “The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America” and John Lott’s, “More Guns Less Crime,” it’s pretty clear that gun toting shooters specifically target “Gun Free” zones, whether that is a mall, park, school or an entire State, the statistics support this. But who needs statistics when you have commen sense? Thieves target people that look like they have something worth stealing. Robbers target banks because, “that’s where the money is” as the famous urban legend goes about what famous bank robber Willie Sutton once said when asked why he robs banks. Gunmen prefer to shoot people who don’t have guns themselves to shoot back, so it only makes sense that those States and those areas where guns are not permitted are the most attractive for gun toting madmen.

      The estimates for the use of guns in self protection range from 800,000 to over 2 million times a year. One of the problems with acurately calculating this statistic is that the lion’s share of times a gun is used to deter a crime, it was never fired, it was only shown. And an unfired gun doesn’t make the news. It also doesn’t get reported to the police very often so it does not make it into the statistics. What you said is absolutely true and happens all the time. Showing a gun is usually more than enough to send criminals in the opposite direction. They don’t want conflict. They don’t want to get shot. They want the easiest, softest targets possible. And if you ain’t one, they will happily leave you alone and move on to the next.

      Consider home security systems. Many of the homes where I live have them with the little yard signs out front, but not all. In such cases, a burgler casing my area is going to target which homes? Which of course has its own philisophical challenges. If there are ten homes in my area and eight of us have home alarm systems, aren’t we actually assisting in the targeting of our two neighbors who don’t have them since we are theoretically driving all burglers towards their two unalarmed homes. Makes complete sense right? And yet people can’t see this logic when it comes to how criminals target unarmed citizens.

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