IRS Calculates Cheapest Obamacare Healthcare Plan Available will be $20,000

According to the IRS, and as reported by CNSNews, the cheapest healthcare plan with Obamacare that will be available for a family of four or five will cost that family approximately $20,000 a year.

As our fascist President continues to move us along the road to Socialism, Americans found out today what the price of Socialism really is. In a country where the average family earns $53,000, a $20,000 healthcare bill is almost half their gross income. And that is for the Bronze Plan, the “worst” plan that will be made available. After their rent or mortgage payment, $4.00 gas, inflation raising the cost of common staple items (except people’s paychecks), what are the odds that any family will have enough left over to save for their kids college tuition or even their own retirement? None. No chance.

But that is the plan, isn’t it? In order to trick a population of free people into accepting corporate fascism and moving them along like sheep toward Socialism, the Government must take over large segments of the economy and in so doing, drive the price up of those segments, and then tell Americans that only Government can lower the cost of those segments (or provide those segments for free or at a discount) but in order to do that for you, you will have to agree to higher taxes, more regulation, and less freedom.

Government took over tuition loans, and now tuition is too expensive. Government manipulated healthcare to drive it up and then finally just took it over, so now it’s too expensive as well. Then Government artificially suppressed interest rates creating a housing bubble, so now housing is too expensive. Government took over your retirement, and now there isn’t enough money there for you to retire on. And Government’s answer to all of this? More Government. Less Freedom.

Government’s takeover of all these segments will drain all of your finances making it impossible for you to save for your own kids college tuition, for your own healthcare, or for your own house, or your own retirement, so you will be forced to turn to Government for help because you will have no choice, thus completing the cycle.

The reality is, who is going to pay $20,000 for healthcare insurance? Nobody. And according to the IRS, even a family making $120,000 a year would face a penalty of only $2,400. Clearly $2,400 is less than $20,000 and is also not enough to pay for every American’s medical insurance coverage, especially when everyone will opt to pay the penalty instead of the $20,000. But that is the plan. Eventually health insurance companies and hospitals will all go out of business, and all that will be left will be a few monopolistic Government-approved insurance giants heavily regulated and controlled by the Government. At that point, we will simply be told we have no choice but to accept a single-payer system, where Government takes complete control of the healthcare industry, just like the UK’s National Health Service.

So will the $20,000 cost just go away? Of course not. The costs of taking care of millions of people for free will never change…so in order to pay for it, you will be taxed, taxed, and taxed again, and taxed one more time for good measure. On the other side, in order to reduce costs, the quality of care will be rationed and decline. In the end, YOU will pay YOUR $20,000 one way or another, either with your paycheck taxes or in the quality of your care, or most likely, both.

Fascism. Live and direct right to your living room. But hey, Americans voted for it, so fascism is what they want, and fascism is what they’re gonna get.

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