COUNTDOWN TO THE SEQUESTER A-P-O-C-O-L-Y-P-S-E!!! Obama threatens to release prisoners if we don’t continue debt spending, and a dozen other hissy fits…

SequesterLast year we were told we just had to let the Government raise the debt ceiling or else all Hell would break loose, so in exchange for our approval, they promised us a congressional committee to cut spending by January of this year or else a raft of automatic spending cuts would occur as a self-imposed punishment for their failure. The committee failed. When it was time for the automatic spending cuts we were promised, now known popularly as the “fiscal cliff,” we were  told yet again that all Hell would break loose, and in exchange for our approval of delaying these cuts once again, Obama offered us The Sequester which would guarantee a 2.4% cut to future spending, or $1.2 to $1.5 trillion dollars over ten years. So, according to Obama, all Hell is going to break loose, again, because our Government can’t find a way to save just $120M out of the $3.6T they’ll spend this year (based on 2012 figure).

Let’s put that in perspective. If you make $40,000 a year, you would have to try and save $1,320. Obama took that much away from you when he raised Social Security taxes on you this year and got rid of or lowered a laundry list of tax deductions you used to get, but apparently what’s good enough for you is not good enough for him and his Government. So once again, we are being told all Hell is going to break loose if we don’t respond to Obama’s tantrum and give Government more of our money, our kids money and our grandkids money.

The following is a list of our Government’s threats against us:

Criminals in the streets! Rampant looting and fires raging out of control! Armed Mexican cartels crossing the border! Terrorist bombs exploding everywhere! Planes falling out of the sky! Children getting more stupider! Unsecured airports with security lines around the corner! Head Start programs collapsing! IRS refund checks delayed! No disaster assistance! Port slowdowns! National Parks vanishing from the earth! Economic collapse! Murder! Mayhem! Hell! Housewives of Atlanta! Cats and dogs as friends! Ooooooh…THE HUMANITY!

Now Liberals, pay attention. This is what your Messiah, then-Senator Obama said about our debt spending in 2005…

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ‘s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.  It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills.  It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies.  Increasing America ‘s debt weakens us domestically and internationally.  Leadership means that, ‘the buck stops here.’  Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.  America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.  Americans deserve better.

Well, here we are again, and who’s leadership has failed this time? Who’s going to “stop the buck” this time? Not your Messiah, that’s for damn sure.

Hat tip to Clark Kent for sending me this article today from Alex Castellanos on CNN Opinion, “The American people have learned to do with less in the past six years. Less after they pay higher taxes. Less after they pay more for gas. Less after they lose their jobs or portion out smaller paychecks. Less after their homes shrink into debt. Less after their businesses fail. What might a real leader, a president, do at this point? He might say, ‘Under these difficult circumstances, let’s ask government to tighten its belt 2%, since Americans have had to tighten theirs. Let’s remember whom we are here to serve. Let’s lead by example, do our jobs more efficiently and make these cuts as painless as possible.'”

You will never, ever, hear that kind of common sense, ‘we’re all in this together,’ leadership from Obama. Instead, contrary to his speech in 2005, Obama is threatening us if we don’t continue straddling ourselves and our children with debt…

‘Emergency responders like the ones who are here today — their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded,’ Obama said. ‘Border Patrol agents will see their hours reduced. FBI agents will be furloughed. Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go.’

And this…

President Obama sought to recruit the nation’s governors Monday in his sequestration battle with Congress, telling them that $85 billion in automatic budget cuts will cripple economic progress in their states. Set to start Friday, the sequestration cuts will lead to fewer teachers, reduced medical care, and idle defense workers in all 50 states, Obama told members of the National Governors Association at the White House. “The longer those cuts are in place, the bigger their impact will be,” Obama said.

Obama then unleashed his winged serpents in the media to spread the word of our imminent destruction in retaliation for our stupid and petulant complaints about stopping the debt spending train. The pending apocalyptic disaster that will level our mountains and raise the tides above our cities continues as reported by Breitbart with Candy Crowley of CNN’s State of the Union, “In the end, there has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers, and that then will also begin to curtail or eliminate the opportunity for them to guide planes in and out of airports.”

Hell will boil up to the surface and rain fire down upon us as proselytized by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan who appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation explaining that our kiddies will be left to fend without those glorious unionized teachers: “There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can’t come back this fall … We don’t have any ability with dumb cuts like this to figure out what the right thing to do is. It just means a lot more children will not get the kinds of services and opportunities they need, and as many as 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs,”

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, a three-clawed minion from the abyss herself, threatened us with a slowdown at our ports, directly impacting commerce, the economy and the jobs of American families. She said the department has begun to furlough Customs and Border Protection officers at ports of entry. The average wait time to customs will increase by as much as 50 percent, she estimated, and at the busiest airports peak wait times, “…could easily grow to four hours or more. When you slow down the inspection of [cargo ship] containers by up to five days … that translates into lots and lots of jobs, good paying jobs, and those are going to be impacted,” Napolitano said.

As Napolitano  spun her head completely ’round with fire leaping from her eyes, she went on to threaten us with natural disasters, “Concerning the nation’s disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts, ‘it will reduce the disaster relief fund by nearly $1 billion, potentially affecting survivors recovering from Hurricane Sandy, the tornadoes in places like Tuscaloosa [Ala.] a and Joplin [Mo.], and other major disasters across the country,’ Napolitano said.”

While dodging gaping holes to Hell (or D.C. – interchangeable) opening up all around him, Alex Castellanos on CNN Opinion tells us that our National Park Service is reporting that they can’t have any cuts or the world will end. “Our national parks were created to preserve nature, undisturbed by man. Now we are told that if we leave nature untouched, it will perish. When did the essential ingredients of biological existence become oxygen, water, sunlight and federal funding? Apparently, the Grand Canyon will cease to be a hole in the ground if the National Park Service loses a few cents of every dollar it has been given.”

Peter Schiff on Friday’s The Peter Schiff Show, risked his life in the path of a flaming Obama meteor to report on a media montage from CBS, ABC, NBC… and their Mayan predictions about the future of America if we dare challenge our King:

$85B in spending cuts, said to kick in March 1, meant to be so egregious that law makers would have to come to agreement on deficit reduction. but that hasn’t happened, and time is running out.

The country is just days away from another self-inflicted wound to an economy that is still recovering, deep across the board spending cuts will kick in on March 1st, unless Congress and the President strike a better deal on the budget. But lawmakers are on vacation and President Obama is warning that time is running out.

TSA workers, security personal at the airport will either have to be laid off, or told to take mandatory time off, that’s gonna create longer lines at airport security. We already talked about police officers. In education, there’s gonna be cuts to the head start program which means fewer students that will be able to get into that education program. There gonna be cuts at the IRS which may affect how you file your taxes. It’s gonna be something that if this goes into effect and remains in effect over the long-term, everyone will feel.

Obama and his Government has threatened to take away everything from us, from our National Parks to our kids education to our safety from crime. You may have noticed that none of these threats include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or any of the dozens of social welfare programs that make up the lion’s share of Government spending which are the usual “crisis” clubs we are bludgeoned with if we defy our King. That’s because they are all exempt from The Sequester, which is why Obama has to threaten us with our parks, our borders, our education, our safety and our jobs.

No cuts to any of the bloated bureaucratic agencies. No pay cuts for overpaid, over-benefitted government labor union employees. No cuts to the bankrupt and taxpayer backstopped USPS or Amtrak. No cancelling of Presidential golf trips and family vacations. No slowing down on earmarks, entitlement spending or military spending. No cutbacks on corporate and industrial subsidies or international aid to tyrants in “impoverished” nations. There are a million ways to reduce Government spending but every single one of them has one thing in common, NONE of them will frighten you into submission. That is why all the threats we are being bombarded with are specifically ones we care about and will get us down on our knees, like good little proles, to acquiesce to Obama and his Government to do whatever they want to do to assuage our ignorant fears.   

Alright already! Shut him up. Give him his binky back!

Alright already! Shut him up. Give him his binky back!

And the cherry on top? This entire fusillade from Obama’s Government and his Media Minions is to terrify you from preventing them from lowering the amount budgeted to be spent in the future. This does nothing for the existing debt. In fact, the national debt will increase even if The Sequester is allowed to stand. For example, if Obama’s American Express card was maxed out at $10,000 and he planned on buying a TV for $800, Obama would be promising hell on earth if you told him he could only spend $500 on the TV instead. That is The Sequestor. You need to understand that Obama has ZERO intention of slowing down spending, or paying off the debt, or even the deficit. Obama will borrow. Obama will print. Obama will tax. And repeat.

You voted for this America. This is not the Republicans fault, or the Democrats fault. This is YOUR fault. You continue to be a nation of uninformed, apathetic, low-information voters who do not realize that Government is not your friend, it is not here for you, it is here for itself, and if you continue to look the other way while you sip your latte, it will continue to bleed you dry, and enslave you, for as long as you are stupid enough to let it.

You can read the entire Sequestration here. It’s only 25 pages.

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