U.S. Military Experiencing 22 Suicides Per Day – Libertarians and War

As a Libertarian, I believe in the ‘non-initiation of force’ principle. It is a simple principle that provides the foundation for all Libertarian positions. It simply states that no one can initiate force against any one else except in self-defense. Force in this instance does not only mean physical violence, but force as represented by a majority of society deciding that I must provide more of my income to fulfill purposes that the majority determines is more important than whatever it was I was going to use that money for. Force is the majority of society espousing tolerance, and requesting my tolerance, except when I form an opinion that is contrary to theirs in which case I am met with their violent intolerance. This principle can be applied to everything, which is what makes it so simple, so beautiful. It represents charity, real freedom and real tolerance.

libertarianism_has_fought_no_warsAs I have said before, my position on war is fairly simple and represented by the above principle. I believe that the United States should only engage in war when we are attacked directly. We should not engage in empire building, global democratization, occupations, the installation of puppet regimes, or influencing or otherwise interfering in the political or economic business of any sovereign nation. We cannot expect other individuals or other nations to respect our sovereignty if we do not respect theirs. We should be a nation that is more than capable of defending itself, but the wisdom to never initiate the use of that force. In other words, we should adopt the same rules that we teach our children for the playground.

I believe we should end the Federal Reserve. It is because of the Federal Reserve that politicians can print the money they need to pay for their wars (and their social programs, in exchange for votes). Without the Federal Reserve, the Government would have to raises taxes on its citizens, and the amount of taxes that would need to be collected to pay for our endless wars would quickly bankrupt the nation and destroy the economy. Our Government issues trillions in debt by borrowing from the Federal Reserve, to be paid back by future taxes forced upon the unborn grandchildren of tomorrow, thus enabling the United States of today to engage in global, total, warfare.

I also believe that we should pay the true cost of a soldiers life. War is cheap because soldiers come cheap.

For example, I believe a non-combat soldier should receive an equivalent salary to their counterpart in the private sector through the length of the conflict, and a transition salary upon their return to civilian life for a contracted number of years and limited health benefits up to the completion of that transition.

A soldier in combat, however, should receive hazard pay equivalent to what the free market offers to private mercenaries which could be from $100,000 a year in excess of $250,000. As Liberals are so fond of saying, what is one life worth? Indeed. Every man has a price to put his life on the line and I would simply ask the United States that if it insists on going to war, we pay that price.

In addition, in the event a soldier is killed (or permanently wounded) in combat, his combat salary should remain at whatever level it was at the time of his death (or injury), to be paid to his family, until the termination of the conflict, at which time his family will receive a previously agreed upon non-combat salary to be paid for the actuarial remainder of that soldier’s life (for example until he would have been 72), including if an injured soldier dies before his actuarial life span. If the conflict terminates, and the soldier returns home uninjured, he is to receive his non-combat salary for a previously agreed upon time period (i.e. contracted) to allow for his transition back into civilian life and a new career (for example, five years).

However, all medical benefits for the combat soldier are to be paid for until the end of his natural life, and not through Veteran Health Services unless he contracts it that way. Every combat soldier should be free to choose, and can use any private doctor or hospital they would like, no different than if they had a private medical insurance plan except he has 100% coverage.

Now, in the case that the United States herself was attacked, it would not be necessary for the Government to provide such salaries. Most men, when their homes, their wives and their children are under threat, would fight regardless of what the Government does or doesn’t do. Most men would feel that protective surge that rides low in our instinctual roots. That raw and unfiltered commitment to protect our way of life, to protect women and children from harm, to die with purpose when the price of losing is unthinkable. Not only would they fight, but they would strike the enemy from the heart to protect everything they know and represent, which is ten fold more dangerous and potent than any paid mercenary or invading soldier.

It is precisely to prevent military globetrotting that all soldiers should be contracted, on an individual basis, to engage in such conflicts. It would not take long before the cost of such global gallivanting bankrupted the country or turned its citizens against a state of constant war.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I introduce the 12 minute video below from Stefan Molyneux, “The Truth About the Fort Hood Shooting.” Stefan discusses the use of SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) and how these anti-depressants exacerbate the psychological challenges of being a soldier and how that is leading to the incredible number of suicides and other “random” acts of violence (including Columbine which I will have to research further as I did not know that). He discusses how soldiers prior to the Vietnam war spent very little total time under fire, whereas our soldiers are exposed to it for months…years… He discusses how the “draft” was not abandoned because of some adoption of freedom by the Government, but because of something else. It is a fascinating and informative video that covers a significant amount of information in a very short time. Please watch.



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