Double Broadside. Pope Francis Adopts Marxism. Media Fawns Thomas Piketty Socialism. Freedom Fighters. Patriots. We Must Fight On.

doublePersonally, I believe the Libertarian message is gaining traction. That doesn’t mean anything will come of it as I am sure most communist citizens did not want to be communist citizens, but there must have been a point in time where communism came to them and they did nothing to stop it, much like Americans in America are doing now. Do nothing, and your opponent wins by default. Welcome to the past 100 years.

That said, as a voracious reader I have noted a paradigm shift over the past six years of opinion, particularly in the comments section of most on-line media sites, and that includes those many would consider bastions of liberalism. I remember reading the comments section of the Huffington Post or the New York Times, among many others, and it was a consistent blathering of liberal sentimentalism, conservative hate and social contract democracy.

That has changed, and I have witnessed it first hand. Sure there are still the opposing views (and the scattered liberal foxhole websites), but they are so few and far in between one could almost write them off as bought and paid for spin-meisters for the political intelligentsia. Whereas it was once the Libertarians that were brutalized for daring to post a word regarding the benefits of freedom (crazy, I know), it is now the liberal altruist that must suffer the brutal assault not of four letter invectives as is common of liberal artillery, but rather of facts, citations and logical explanations devoid of fallacious argument.

It is this notable paradigm shift that I blame for the reinforcements that have arrived.

On one side an explosion of cannon and fire balls comes from Thomas Piketty, a young French economist being trotted around every major media outlet and fawned over like an economic Bieber who decries the so-called fundamental flaws with capitalism.  Naturally, the Liberals are lapping it up having been starved of any positive outcome from any of their liberal policies over the past six years and with Obama becoming more and more dangerous to defend and a mid-term election on the horizon. Nothing is more dangerous than a parched Liberal being forced to stagger among the dunes in the freedom and economic desert of their own creation.

Piketty proposes that an 80% tax be applied to incomes of and above $500,000 and a 50%-60% tax be applied to incomes as low as $200,000. In addition, a 10% tax should be applied to “excessive” wealth (money you already have) and up to a 20% tax on lower levels of “excessive” wealth. Of course, you don’t get to be the one to define “excessive.” Piketty admits that this is not to raise money for the Government, but simply to “end” such unfair “income inequality.” Piketty’s call for outright socialism to be embraced in its entirety is made all the more disturbing by the fact that his book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has been the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for the last 55 days.

Piketty’s book may very well be an ice cold pitcher of water in the Liberal desert, but his book simply promotes the expansion of more desert. In truth, Liberals won’t care because in their world all that matters is how they feel and the short-sighted assumption that no matter how many sand dunes they must force us to cross using Government’s coercive threat of violence, an oasis always lies just beyond the very next dune.

On the other side of our ship, almost simultaneously, we hold fast against an eruption of cold steel and molten flame launched forth by Pope Francis, “calling for a ‘legitimate redistribution of economic benefits’ using government and the private sector.” What exactly would an illegitimate redistribution of wealth look like? IDK. It would appear that it is now the duty of all Catholics (all 1.2 billion of them) to embrace the socialist tenet of allowing the State to redistribute “excess” wealth in God’s name. I guess the freedom espousing and voluntary charitable donation from the passing of the plate during service wasn’t cutting it for all the Marxists. Well, if I weren’t already an agnostic, I would become one after hearing this religious call to Socialist arms.

On Friday, he [Pope Francis] urged the U.N. to promote development goals that attack the root causes of poverty and hunger, protect the environment and ensure “dignified” labor for all.

But isn’t that what Democrats, Liberals and Socialists want…to eradicate poverty and hunger, protect the environment, and ensure “dignified” labor (which means income equality) for all…and to achieve all of that no matter what the cost, no matter who has to pay, no matter how much has to be stolen via taxation, wealth destruction, redistribution and regulation in order to fund it? Pope Francis is a Marxist. He can deny it, but you can’t support Marxist theories and simply divest yourself of criticism by saying you are not that which you are promoting.

If there is anything that Socialists and Liberals and Marxists hate more than anything else…the ONE THING they hate the most in the entire universe…it is being called what they really are. They know what those terms mean. They know that people instinctively turn tail and run from such concepts seeking shelter in freedom and individualism, and they know that it is paramount that nobody ever define them using the words that most accurately describe their beliefs. If someone talks like a socialist, votes like a socialist, acts like a socialist, and most importantly DENIES that they are a socialist…then you know for an absolute fact they are a socialist.

Remember, like in my previous post about the book “Animal Farm,” all socialists know that the word socialist will destroy them, so they must avoid its use or change its meaning. As the self-admitted socialist Upton Sinclair once said, “they [Americans] will accept Socialism, but not the label. We must outflank our enemies.” Even Sinclair knew that Socialists must avoid the name, but adopt and pursue the socialist platform by some other name such as…Liberals, Progressives, Democrats and sure, even most Republicans.

So in the end, what we have here is a double broadside. A new “hip” French economist being trotted around all the liberal channels to promote socialism as an alternative to all that Libertarian bullshit you’ve all been hearing so much about, and which sounded reasonably intelligent and worth further study, and a new Pope that’s decided everyone’s going to Hell unless they allow their Governments to take complete control over their lives and the economy in order to promote the entire socialist agenda.

I guess the question now is, in the end, will our ship survive a double broadside.

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