Obama “Madder than Hell” at Obama for letting Vets die for seven years?

liarSenator Obama in 2007, “When 400,000 veterans are stuck on a waiting list for claims, we need a new sense of urgency.”

President Obama in 2008 was warned that there was a “data integrity issue” which “affects the quality of care by delaying — and potentially denying — deserving veterans timely care.”

Six long years later in 2014, “The White House chief of staff says President Barack Obama is ‘madder than hell’ about reports of treatment delays at veterans’ hospitals across the country.”

Which, Obama said, he just found out from the news, just like he said he found out about the IRS, Fast & Furious and reporter snooping scandals.lying-to-believe-in-change-u-can-trust

In 2007, Obama knew about the waiting lists and did not investigate. In 2008, he knew about data integrity issues (i.e., falsification) of the waiting lists and he still did not investigate. Then in 2014, watching TV while having a beer he hears about the wait list fraud and that Veterans have died as a result; and then he “gets mad.” This is the President of the United States of America. At least it got him up off the couch.

This scandal has expanded now to VA hospitals in seven major cities and includes a new whistle blower admitting that two Vets committed suicide because they had been wait-listed for so long.

Who can really blame our precious Obama for this oversight though? Obama’s been much too busy the past several years campaigning and fundraising for himself and fellow Democrats, spending tens of millions to travel to Hawaii for vacation and Africa to give a single speech, channeling money that led to the bankrupted Solyndra scandal, gun running to Mexico for the Fast & Furious scandal, targeting conservative groups with the IRS scandal, ignoring a terrorist attack on Americans in the Benghazi scandal and promising Americans they could keep their health insurance (which they lost) and would have lower premiums (which went up) in the Obamacare scandal. I could go on and on, but someone already did with 666 examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism and scandals.

And need I remind everyone that we just allowed this same liar to socialize our healthcare, so the same processes, and the same “sense of urgency” running the VA will be the same processes running our own healthcare and that of our children. I have no sympathy for Americans that voted for Obama and don’t attempt to correct their EPIC FAIL. In the end, your vote will kill you, and I won’t shed a tear. You will get exactly what you asked for and what you deserve. Your vote brought down the violent coercion of Big Government on me and my family. Your vote forced me to participate in your utopian social re-engineering fantasies, or be punished. If you don’t expend every ounce of your will to correct your error, then your unnecessary departure due to poor government healthcare can only improve my world.

And for those of you who would insist on defending Obama in this scandal, would you have extended the same deference had a Republican president been in office today? I think not.

If Obama is not the perfect example of a horrific President, I don’t know what is, and yet, I still see these little buggers from time to time..


If I ever had one of those on my car, I would have removed it with a crowbar by now, which means anyone left driving around with one of these is either part of the Government, gets a handout from the Government or, let’s be honest…is just a stupid human being.

So what’s next for our Liar-in-Chief?

Hot Air defines the typical Obama reaction with precision:

There are three steps in Hopenchange crisis management: (1) they profess to be “mad as hell”; (2) they accept a resignation/announce the retirement/place on “administrative leave” some relatively low-ranking officials; (3) as time wears on and media interest fades, they pronounce the whole thing a phony scandal.

So “phony” scandal after “phony” scandal after “phony” scandal, Obama and our Government continue to run this nation like a Dionysian Rome before the fall. We never hear about the business of Government any more, which as I recall was rather boring, now all we hear about out of Washington are scandals, attacks, redirection, distraction, name-calling, oppression, threats, lobbying, vote buying…anything that expands Government’s power and wealth and control. Our Government stopped actually governing long ago. Now it’s just a pit of vipers engaging in a wealth and power grab at the expense of our freedom, our privacy and our paychecks.

Our Government is more corrupt, more abusive and more tyrannical than any third world tin-pot nation on Earth. The heat shield that has protected us so far from their insidiousness is whatever protections remain from the kinetic energy left in our tattered constitution which has not much further to travel now once the incredible frictions of Big Government Democratic Socialist deconstruction have finished shredding it, at which point, there will be nothing between us and the barbarians at the gates of  Washington D.C.

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