How the hell would private roads work you idiot?

Libertarian DefensesThis post is simply an addition to my prior post on how Liberals argue.

I have noticed in discussing Libertarian solutions to Big Government with some Liberals, that their “go-to” defense involves the more complex solutions around how a private police department, fire department or even private highways and roads would work.

Murray Rothbard did tremendous work in this area and it is certainly worthy of spending time on discussing these challenges with individuals who are of an open mind and interested in seeking alternatives to Big Government.

However, most Liberals, those that are not really interested in anything but Big Government, instead use this defense strategy as a way to discount the entire Libertarian or Anarchist concept in the minds of others.

If, for example, I talk about States rights, or the non-aggression principle, or the constitutionality of Government departments, a Liberal may retort with something like, “Oh yeah? You Libertarians and your private police and fire, how the hell would THAT nonsense work?”

As if that is somehow a rational response to talking about States rights. But, for the weak minded, it is effective.

For the rest of us, I will give you an example of how to respond to this ridiculousness. I was recently warned by a fellow Libertarian that I was about to engage a Liberal in political conversation, so after a brief introduction I said the following:

Me: Well, let’s just gauge your position a little bit. Would you at least be willing to concede that there are multiple departments in the Federal Government that would be better off being handled by the State? For example, would you be willing to discuss the benefits of having the Department of Education at the Federal level dissolved, and that this role be administered by the individual States to manage their education curriculum and budgets at the State level?

Him: Sure, I would be willing to consider that.

And that is a win. At a minimum, a Liberal has been willing to acknowledge that a piece of that big green colored pie could be changed from the Big Gov column to the Small Gov column. We can work from there.

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