How Obama will put the final nail in America’s coffin, and why

Flag on FireAfter reading Dinesh D’Souza’s book a few years ago, which helps us really understand Obama, and I mean a “crawl into his head” type of understanding, Obama’s actions are quite crystal clear and entirely in keeping with his personal worldview. While everyone is running around wondering why he does this or that and why he keeps breaking promises or doing the exact opposite of what he said he would do, I actually know why he does these things.

Nothing Obama does surprises me because throughout his childhood, from what he learned from his father, both in Africa and in Indonesia, and his mother in Hawaii and the mentors that he surrounded himself with, Obama has been taught one thing and one thing only, that America is a playground bully and needs to be brought to its knees. That’s it. He has had that beaten into him, and he’s accepted that beating since he was a kid.

If Obama had a Mission Statement it would be…

“To execute a plan that will hobble the United States economically, financially and militarily so that it is no longer a super power of any material threat to any other nation.”

He was taught since he was a kid that America is imperialist, an economic oppressor of other nations, a military bully, an occupier, a conqueror, an invader, and a pillager of other nations to enrich itself. His father hated Churchill and England as occupiers of his native land in Africa, the murderer of his neighbors. Obama shares his belief.

So, it was no surprise that Obama immediately had the bust of Churchill removed from the White House and trucked back to anywhere but in his sight. He had a lot of work ahead of him, and all of it was designed to cobble America by taking a brick to her knee caps. And he’s been very successful.

Think about it. Every soundbite you hear from his first term to the State of the Union last week about something he wants to do, or did, has only one purpose; to hobble us economically, financially, morally and militarily.

In his State of the Union just last week, he said he is going to raise the capital gains tax but on YouTube there is a video of him before he was President during a debate with Hillary admitting that history has shown time and again that raising the capital gains tax lowers tax revenues, but he would do it anyway out of “fairness.” But that is not the real reason. He can’t say the real reason. As I have said, he does everything he does because it will hobble us, cripple us, weaken us. This is his only priority. Raising the capital gains tax will hurt the economy, and he knows it, and he wants it.

So how does one bring a nation to its knees? Simple…


  • Create massive welfare programs like Obamacare
  • Expand existing welfare programs and add new ones like free college for two years
  • Bring the taxpayers to their knees from the weight of bailing out banks, homeowners and student loans on their backs
  • Flood the nation with illegal immigrants to put a strain on public services
  • Continue to engage in expensive warfare on a global level
  • Make no effort to eliminate the deficit or lower the debt
  • Destroy your citizens purchasing power and standard of living by allowing The Fed to keep destroying the dollar
  • Ignore the labor participation rate, manipulate the CPI, GDP and Unemployment Rate so nobody sees what’s coming
  • Allow The Fed to create the largest asset bubble in the history of the world and wait for it to pop
  • Sandbag domestic oil infrastructure (like the Keystone Pipeline) to keep us dependent on other nations for energy
  • Increase spending
  • Raise taxes
  • Start a war


  • Release Taliban prisoners so they can return to the front line for a 9/11 do-over
  • Bomb the middle east racking up civilian casualties to incite hatred and the desire for revenge
  • Spy on your allies with the NSA
  • Have a foreign policy nobody understands, ally or enemy
  • Poke adversaries like Russia by attacking Putin, creating trade restrictions, threatening punitive actions for the Ukraine
  • Leave the border wide open hoping for another 9/11 style massacre
  • Become such an adversarial global asshole to everyone that even your Allies turn their backs on you

Why does he bow to the leaders of other nation’s? Apply what I am saying. Because it shows submission. That we are not better than they are in any way. That we concede to their authority. People were confused why he kept doing it when no other President ever has. Do you understand why now?

Now, of all these bricks he is throwing at America’s kneecaps, one or more of them, mark my words, is going to work. We are either going to experience an economic meltdown or find ourselves engaged in a massive war. Both of these outcomes will give the Government the excuse to pass more laws, more regulations, more taxes and in the end, could even lead to martial law, the freezing of wages and prices and the nationalization of certain industries in the name of the “war effort” or our “economic recovery,” depending on which fate we will endure. It will lead to windfall taxes on gold and silver sales, or additional taxes on your home or property.

The Government is $17T in debt. An economic collapse will bring revenues to a grinding halt. If that is not how they will get the money, then you tell me how they will do it.

And the price to remove that dead albatross around your neck by leaving the country, working somewhere else, and not having to kickback to the U.S. Government part of your earnings by renouncing your citizenship will double and triple from where it is now. It was free forever, then $400+ a few years ago, and now over $2,000. That economic Berlin Wall will just get higher and higher as the Government desperately keeps you chained to that taxation treadmill to pay that $17T.

China and Russia are both stronger than us economically. Russia has no net debt. China is paying for our military by loaning us the money. When you add up what the Government pays in interest on the debt and for all our social programs, there is almost nothing left. We are that broke. On paper, we are bankrupt, and everyone and every ally and every enemy knows it.

If a war starts, for example with Russia, all China has to do is stop loaning us money. That will force The Fed to print the money we need to pay our bills which will cause hyperinflation and the collapse of the economy. That is why the next war will be economic, not military.

What is the best way for Obama to make sure we lose that war? Add trillions to the national debt, destroy the manufacturing sector with regulations and taxes, create a welfare state dependent on Government, cripple your citizens financially by forcing them deep into debt or working two jobs and grinding them down between the millstones of inflation and taxation while inciting class and race warfare to prevent people from organizing any meaningful resistance while spying on the rest with the NSA and thus drain the will and resources out of every American to fight for anything ever again. Checkmate.

Aside from war, China may decide they just don’t want to loan us the money anymore anyway. Loaning us the money makes their citizens poorer. That is why the Swiss unpegged from the Euro last week knowing that the ECB (Europe’s version of our Fed) was going to print over $1T in Euros. That would have devastated the standard of living of the Swiss people to try and maintain that peg (basically loaning money to Europe to bail out the debtor nations like Greece). Well, we are a debtor nation just like Greece and China is our Switzerland. There will come a time when China too decides it does not want their own citizens to suffer any longer. For us, that is game over.

So when people threaten Obama with the fact that China or Russia might wage economic war on us by dumping their treasuries. You know what Obama says to himself? “Bring it!” That is what he wants. When people warn him that an open border will allow terrorists into our country. He thinks, “Hell yes!” When he is told that Obamacare will add trillions to the national debt, Obama yelps, “Hallelujah!” When he is told that German Chancellor Merkel was not happy to find out America was listening to her phone calls, Obama thinks, “Good. Damn good! Bring it baby!”

And when Obama hears that nations are starting to create international banks and trading policies that will circumvent the U.S. dollar so they can trade in their own currencies or in gold and silver, thus removing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and sidelining us into two-bit chump nation status, Obama rejoices with a grin of evil happiness while rubbing his hands together quickly chanting, “Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more. Do tell me more!”

Every single thing Obama does, everysinglething, has only one purpose, one design, one nexus….to bring that brick down harder. To hear that kneecap shatter. To increase that debt. To break that camel’s back. To crush this nation under the weight of its own belligerence, ignorance, narcissism and debt.


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