The GOP is in the pole position to reignite with ferocity the cold steel of America’s extinguished engine of greatness; but instead we’ll get Jeb Bush

FascismI only care about the GOP to the extent that a Libertarian candidate can infiltrate it, overcome the obscenely bloated Wall Street financier and Fortune 50 corporate crony electioneering, secure the Presidential office, and ram through the most devastating and destructive legislation that America has ever seen, doing to Big Government what several hundred tons of dynamite would do when placed strategically within the foundation of the tallest building on earth.

But instead, we’ll get Jeb Bush.

America is being suffocated to death by a system entirely based on a rogue Government disconnected from its People, a President hell bent on hobbling America in every aspect possible, an opaque State that demands the transparency of every aspect of your life from your medical records to who you’re texting, a corporatist special interest Congress that is bought-and-paid for, and a politically, historically and economically illiterate and narcissistic public all fueled, controlled, and financed by a handful of global private central bankers.

What America needs is for this warped, elitist poli-corpo aristocracy to be collapsed in on itself from the inside. We need a decisive leader who will make the hard decisions the American people don’t want to make. They will deconstruct our bloated and bankrupt social benefits, welfare, and entitlement systems, stand down our global military hegemony and recall our troops, dismantle our surveillance state and unwind the millions of economically suffocating pages from the poly-departmental regulatory apparatus. This will bring great discomfort to millions of Americans and potentially the lowest approval ratings in the history of any President…for a little while. Fascism2

Once that band-aid has been torn off, and the wound is given a chance to heal, bankrupted banks and other corporations will reorganize, capital assets will begin to be efficiently reallocated, businesses free from the chains of regulatory social engineering will begin expanding and hiring again, productivity, innovation and our standard of living will begin to rise, opportunities for greatness will proliferate for all Americans, those who can work but chose not too will start earning their checks as employees, soldiers will come home and heal, Americans will be secure in their persons and papers once again, and our trust capital with our allies will begin to multiply.

But instead, we’ll get Jeb Bush.

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly assails GOP establishment for trying to coronate Jeb Bush

– The Washington Times – Sunday, February 22, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly has long argued that the American conservative movement’s purpose is to influence, not echo, the Republican Party.

And still going strong at age 90, Mrs. Schlafly wants to influence the GOP anew by warning against letting the party’s “kingmakers” — the Wall Street elite and political consultant class — turn the 2016 presidential nomination contest into a coronation of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Mincing no words, Mrs. Schlafly makes her case in a 2015 update to her landmark book from a half-century ago titled “A Choice Not an Echo,” which, in 1964, became the motto of Barry Goldwater’s grass-roots movement.

In her update, Mrs. Schlafly — founder of the Eagle Forum — argues that her party too often picks losers as candidates because of a stranglehold by the political consultant-big business-Wall Street crowd, which she argues makes a bundle from championing moderates over conservatives.

She warns that may be happening again in 2016 in the persona of Jeb Bush.

She notes “closed-door events have been held for Republican megadonors to select who will get the big money that went last time to Mitt Romney” and that the mainstream media already are cheering on Mr. Bush.

As evidence, she cites a New York Times article about how “Jeb Bush is so smart, so intellectual and so well-read. We were told that he is a ‘top-drawer intellect’ and a voracious reader who maintains 25 books on his Kindle — books such as George Gilder’s ‘Knowledge and Power.’”

Mrs. Schlafly urges grass-roots conservatives to rise up and resist a coronation of Mr. Bush.

“Do you get the message that the media buildup for Jeb Bush has begun and that the 2016 Republican National Convention may simply nominate for president another Establishment loser candidate?” she writes.

“But it doesn’t have to be. Some of us remember Everett Dirksen’s famous speech at the 1952 Republican Convention when he publicly taunted the kingmakers, ‘We followed you before and you led us down the path to defeat.’”

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