Obama administration, following in Bush’s footsteps, now excuses itself from transparency, including emails.

2rh4vpvWhat do you do when your sick and tired and tired and sick of your pesky grubby citizens constantly requesting your emails and demanding transparency in your administration? Why you simply ignore them, change the rule, and tell them to F*** O** of course! And do it during a week and on a day that celebrates transparency just to be an extra level of offensive!

From Hot Air:

Rolling out this decision during “Sunshine Week” wasn’t enough, evidently; they picked National Freedom of Information Day to make their move — smack in the middle of a national firestorm over email archiving and obsessive secrecy.  Once one has accepted a transparency award in secret, one must invent new ways to make a mockery of the alleged “touchstone” of one’s administration.  Mission accomplished.  This White House fetishizes its own “unprecedented” accomplishments, and it seems they’ve minted another one:

Unlike other offices within the White House, which were always exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, the Office of Administration responded to FOIA requests for 30 years. Until the Obama administration, watchdog groups on the left and the right used records from the office to shed light on how the White House works. “This is an office that operated under the FOIA for 30 years, and when it became politically inconvenient, they decided they weren’t subject to the Freedom of Information Act any more,” said Tom Fitton of the conservative Judicial Watch.

In their defense they state that they are simply choosing a path that has already been upheld by the court system, in other words, establishing consistency. But..two things…first, when you accept an award for transparency, you probably shouldn’t then decide to be as opaque as possible, even if you are “allowed” to be – just like accepting a Nobel Peace prize is ironic for a man that has dropped enough bombs that we have to measure it by the ton. Second, citing a Government judgement as precedent to support a Government action is like asking Enron to audit their own financials.

In “Anatomy of the State” (you can download the pdf for free right here) we learn that having the Federal Government Court system pass judgment on its own Federal Government inevitably leads to tyranny. It is only ever a matter of time before the Courts themselves, not being independent, become incapable of unbiased judgement and devolve into a rubber-stamp of tyranny that upholds the Government’s wishes and arguments more often than it defends its own charter, the Constitution.

Not only did Obama and Bush say you can’t see their people’s emails, but Obama did it on a day and week to celebrate transparency. Do you really think that was an accident?

Your Government. Not yours anymore. And making fun of you as well.

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