Tyranny & Fear. How Government uses your driver’s license to punish and enslave you.

GovernmentLeashOver 100,000 people have lost their license in Florida alone as punishment for non-driving related issues. How did the Government turn your driver’s license into a human leash?

One of the benefits of being a Libertarian is that you are forced to see things for what they really are, and call them by their real name. For example, property taxes are really just “land rent” that you pay to the Government so you can keep your house, and your vehicle registration fee is just government “road rent” so you can get to work. Driver’s licenses, when issued by a Government, are really just leashes to punish you for, well, whatever you have done to displease your Lords & Masters. You didn’t think it was only about how well and safely you drive a car did you? Silly rabbit.

I have argued for the abolition of the DMV to be replaced by a private certification program for years. I have yet to hear a reasonable counter-argument. We privately license mechanics, doctors, lawyers, accountants, plumbers, electricians and a thousand other professions and skills. Privately licensing the skill to drive a car is a no-brainer, at a fraction of what it costs today.

The DMV is an archaic, poorly run, time-consuming, technology-adverse, inefficient boondoggle of Government waste and bloat. We do not need a Government agency to regulate our driving, but Government does need such an agency to assume absolute and total control over us. Government is always, and only, about control. You’re naive to think anything different.

Is there really any difference between Government taking away your right to work and Government taking away your right to get to work? For most Americans, it would be the same thing. How do you feel about a Government that can simply force you to stop working, and stop earning, and have no way to pay your mortgage, rent, utility bills or feed your family? Do you really believe a Government should have that much power over its citizens?

Think about it. If you walked out of your house or apartment tomorrow morning and you could not drive for the rest of the year, what would you do? What would that cost you? How much harder would life get for you? Could you even keep your job?

That is tyranny. That is fear, control, oppression.

A reasonable argument for an agency, public or private, to regulate the issuing of drivers licenses would be that society, as a whole, needs a system to educate and test potential drivers because cars at 70 mph are seriously dangerous things, and to control their legal access to vehicles based on violations of the law associated with driving a car. Reasonable. Easily managed by a private entity.

So why then, does California require and digitally collect your fingerprint? What does that have to do with my ability to safely operate a motor vehicle?

Why then, do many states suspend your license for failure to pay a parking ticket? For failure to pay child support? For failure to pay a speeding ticket and other minor infractions? For failure to appear in court? For writing bad checks? For public drunkenness? For petty theft? For failure to pay your taxes? How does taking away your license resolve any of these issues? In fact, doesn’t it make it harder to resolve them?

And think about how indispensable your driver’s license has become. You need it to open a checking account, to buy a drink, to fly on a plane, to use your credit card, to get a job. How many times a month do you have to show your license to do something? And not only do you need a driver’s license, but you need a current one, which means every few years the Government gets to decide if you’re still being a good little citizen so every few years your ability to do all of these things is put back in jeopardy.

I once tried to fly with an expired license, and the TSA wanted to stop me. I said, “But I don’t want to drive the plane, I just want to sit on it.” Think about it, as far as the TSA was concerned, the day before my license expired, I existed, but the day after it expired, I ceased to exist? Basically, that’s what happens.

Or was I a safe driver the day before my birthday, but a deadly menace to society the day after? How does that work? The government can, basically, erase your existence to the modern world by having total control over this one, seemingly unimportant and dull yet prolific piece of plastic. Papers, please…is your reality.

The reaction by anyone to your expired license confirms an absolute reality. The reality that an expired license is somehow suddenly no longer valid for anything you need a license for does not mean that you have forgotten how to drive a car, or that you have suddenly become dangerous, or that you no longer exist, it means the Government has not yet re-approved your freedom, and for that reason, you have been cut-off from society.

Government, as usual, has used the, “for your safety” canard to wedge itself between you and your freedoms by anointing itself the regulator of your life. Government, as it always does, has slowly and willfully taken a reason most people would agree with, and converted it into a tool of oppression, control, fear and punishment. This is the warning Libertarians scream about every time Government wants to do something “for your safety,” but we are soundly ignored.

Government will always come at you with upturned palms, but they always end with fists.

Wake up to what your government is doing to you. Wake up to all the ways it has permeated its way into every corner of your life saturating you with regulation, which is just a means to control you, like who you can work for, how much you can earn, who your doctor is, it records all your emails, texts, phone calls and internet searches, it decides whether you can leave the country or not, if you can drive or not, if you’re using too much water, too much electricity, if your tires are not inflated enough, if your dog is legal, if you can have two legs or not, who you can marry, who you can divorce, who your customers can be, what you can use to pay for things and what you can’t, if you can capture rain on your own property, which life-saving drugs you can take, if you can build inside your own house or not, if you can keep your house, how much you’re allowed to deposit in your bank accounts, who you can hire, who you can fire, if you can own a gun or not, which milk you can drink, how much it can steal tax from you, who it can redistribute your income to, how many hours you’re allowed to work, what age you can drink, what age you can drive, what age you can die in a war, when to sign up for the draft, and on and on and on.

You are cattle. You are productive hamsters in a wheel from which your productivity is stolen and redistributed to those who would vote for the thieves. The bulk of Government is nothing more than regulation, control, manipulation, fear, coercion and punishment to keep you in your wheels, spinning all day long until your last day. See Government for what it really is, not what Government told you it was in Government schools.

Reject your programming. You’re nothing more than a power supply to a corrupted bureaucratic juggernaut.


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