State of the Union 2015 – Republicans Have The Power! – We Are Doomed

Wrote this back on Jan 8, 2015. Don’t know why I left it in DRAFT mode…

People who know me will say to me now, “Hey, aren’t you happy that the Republicans have taken control of Congress?”

I say, “Yes, but not for the reason you think. I’m happy  they won because we’re doomed. Republicans will finally realize they are voters without a party.”

They think that I am happy because the Republicans won and as they falsely think that I am a Republican I should be happy that they won; like the Patriots won the Super Bowl or something.

I am happy because now all of the real Republicans out there will see how bad the Republicans really are. We’ve had six years of Democrats destroying the country, our healthcare, our freedom and our economy and now the Republicans will finally get to see how bad their “team” really is now that they have the power to effect real change and they’ll waste it. Republican voters are all out there walking around thinking that the worst is over now, that we have finally turned the corner because the Republicans have control of Congress and now things will really happen.

In addition, it will put an end to Liberals and Democrats defending Obama by bashing Bush and asking where all of these haters were when Bush was destroying things – as if that somehow excuses Obama from destroying things. That defense is just a distraction to avoid the real topic, but the point here is that this is a chance for Republicans to realize that Republicans are in fact as bad as Democrats; that Bush was bad, so was Clinton, the other Bush, so was Obama; that they are all bad, all rotten apples from the same rotten tree, and that we, Republicans and Democrats alike, must abandon both parties as corrupted aristocratic megalomaniacs that are simply taking turns tyrannizing our nation.

Here is what Republicans currently think will happen now that they have control of Congress, and my prediction:

  • The Debt Ceiling will not be raised. WRONG.
  • Obamacare will be repealed. WRONG.
  • They will finally pass a balanced budget. WRONG.
  • They will strengthen the border. WRONG.
  • They will dismantle the NSA surveillance machine. WRONG. See below, we already have confirmation on this one.
  • They will reverse Obama’s Amnesty Program. WRONG.
  • They will lower the national debt. WRONG.
  • They will shore up Social Security and Medicare. WRONG.
  • They will end the wars in the Middle East. WRONG.
  • They will Audit the Fed. WRONG.
  • They will rein in the Fed. WRONG.
  • They will lower taxes. WRONG.

See? Republicans will finally learn that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They will learn that we are being tyrannized by a one party system controlled by the corruptible, by the aristocratic elite, academia and the heads of the banks that now control the boards of the most powerful Central Banks in the world and many key Government cabinet positions in the U.S. and Europe – and when you control the money, you control the politicians, so you control The People.

My prediction is that the most we can hope for from Republicans is a lot of promises about changes in the future which will never come and the repeal of a tax here or there to make us think they are doing something. They might increase the border patrol budget but it won’t be a fraction of what they need to actually control the border. In other words, it will all be half-measures and consensus seeking with the Democrats so both sides can find solace in neither side getting all of any one thing that it really wants, but both sides being able to appease their voters by saying they got “something.” That will be America for the next two years, assuming we don’t implode economically first.

Republican voters will learn that the only thing we share with the America of 1776 is the name of our country.

THAT is why I am happy that the Republicans have won Congress, they finally have within their grasp the power to take charge and reverse all that has been done to us, and THEY WILL FAIL MISERABLY. Why does this make me happy? Because I need Republican voters to realize they have no team.

The question then is…what will Republicans do once they realize that they are a fan without a team? They can’t vote Democrat. They are too scared to vote Libertarian. What is an orphan Republican going to do? And to me…that is the interesting part – because I don’t know what they’re going to do.

Now, a word to the Democrats….

Now I know there are plenty of Democrats walking around out there who are waking up to how bad the Democrats have been, and how bad Obama has been. They are realizing that what they were sold as hope and change has come as rape and pillage. I imagine some are pretty embarrassed by it. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner has dropped more bombs than a bad comedian, he promised us we’d keep our doctors and our plans, but he lied. He said he wouldn’t raise taxes and then our taxes went up. If Bush did all of this, they would be screaming from the roof tops, but I have found them oddly quiet these past couple years as the truth has soaked in. There are hundreds of reasons to loathe Obama, so I don’t blame the Democrats for their disillusionment, and that despite all that, they still don’t want to vote for Republicans. Why? Because Republicans are the War Party and the God Party. I get that. I’m an Atheist so I understand that more than most. You don’t want Republicans gaining power because they are not pro-choice and are anti-gay. You don’t want them because they are in bed with the military and the private corporations that support it. Totally understand, and I agree with you 100%. That is why I am not a Republican and policies like Obama’s and progressive policies in general which most Democrats support are why I am not a Democrat. I believe both parties are simply tyranny with different flags. What I am asking of YOU, is to realize your party is just as corrupted and that you need to abandon them as I, and millions of others, have abandoned the Republicans.

I see only three options for all of us and the outcome.

  1. We vote for Libertarians only. Will never work.
  2. We vote for Libertarian Republicans/Democrats. Our only option, however bad, for now.
  3. We wait for a State to secede from the Union and move there. Would work, but drastic and life would be hell by the time this happens.
  4. We move out of the country and renounce our citizenship. Will work, not really a “solution” though, and the Gov has raised the cost from $0 to $450 to $2,350 since 2010. Why? Because a lot of Americans are choosing this path. The Government doesn’t like when the hamsters get off the wheel.

Q: If we are so free, then why do we have to pay to be free of America? Do you understand now? A: YOU ARE NOT FREE. Not if you have to PAY to leave. A tax on leaving “America” is an economic version of the Berlin Wall, with the same purpose.

  1. Revolution. Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before – so why not again?

For #2 to happen, you have to educate yourself on Small Government. I hate using the word Libertarian because people think it’s just another political party. So let’s not use it. What you have to educate yourself on is how much, or how little, you want your life controlled by others. It’s not a political party or a political platform, it’s what you think your life is supposed to be, how much or how little freedom should YOU have to make your own decisions. That is what you have to decide.

Big Government means you want Government to take what it needs from whoever it (or the voters) decides to and redistribute or spend that money as it sees fit, in other words, you are willing to sacrifice a considerable amount of your income and freedom “for the greater good” or be part of the majority that votes away everyone else’s money. You will play a role in deciding how much is taken from you, but in the end, if the majority keeps voting to take more and more money from you, then you are going to pay more and more money. There is no escape from Majority Rule which is the definition of Democracy. Big Government means you have to do whatever The Majority tells you to do. Now, if you agree to this, you must also understand that all institutions of man eventually become corrupted, private or public makes no difference. What IS different, is that when a private company becomes corrupt, it will go bankrupt (assuming a corrupt Government does not prop it up), but when a public entity becomes corrupt, it passes laws and regulations to protect itself. It stops being transparent. It takes on a, “what applies to you doesn’t apply to me” policy. It engages in division by distraction; elitism, racism, classicism – it throws stones to hide its hands. It starts watching what everyone else is doing to determine if there is any threat to its existence, to determine who it must “keep an eye on.” It seeks to gain more power, wealth and control in order to make sure that no threats will manifest to upset its position of authority and control. It partners with private companies to spy for it, protect it, provide it money in exchange for bailouts, favorable legislation, trade protections, IRS protection, etc… So know that, if you choose Big Government, you choose the inevitable corruption of that institution and all the hell that comes with that.

And as I have said many times before, people who love animals become Veterinarians. People that are analytical become Accountants. People that like helping people become nurses and doctors. People that sell things are either people persons or a little shady. Pick a job, and you will pick a “type” of person. Makes total sense. So what “type” of people become politicians? Yeah…THAT type. In a Big Government, that “type” has control and power over you and your life. That type is more likely (versus a Veterinarian or an Accountant, for example) to be corruptible, wealth hungry and power obsessed. Is that what you want ruling over you? Personally, I’d rather vote for Veterinarians.

Small Government means you accept responsibility for your actions and their consequences. You are free to win, but you can lose as well. You can shoot for happiness but may land in pain. It means you can ask for help, but nobody has to provide it. It means you get to keep everything you earn, and the harder you work, the more you earn. It means if you don’t earn enough, no matter how many of you there are, you can’t vote to take away someone else’s earnings. It means the land you live on is the land you own and nobody else’s. It means you can work for free, if you want experience instead of pay. It means you can volunteer to help somewhere without a Labor Union suing the company you are volunteering with. It means that philanthropy and benevolence are in your hands, and you must participate in helping your fellow-man as much as you see fit (and can afford). It means you can enter into voluntary agreements with others, for your mutual benefit, or not. It means, in a nutshell, that you can do or be or believe anything you want, as long as it does not hurt anyone else.

So to my disillusioned Democrats and my soon to be disillusioned Republicans, I ask you how much control of your life do you want your neighbors and that TYPE of people to have over you? Decide carefully, because right now, we are all enslaved to each other by The Majority under a corrupted one-party Government that is 98% of that TYPE and it’s only going to get worse.

The Republicans had a chance to end mass surveillance of Americans by passing the U.S. Freedom Act in November, 2014. But

“A roll call of votes shows that 41 of the 42 votes against the bill were cast by Republicans, with only four senators from that party voting to move the bill forward.”

Why? Because the Republicans are in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex. They believe in dragnet surveillance on Americans, imperialism, occupations and constant global warfare and they engage in domestic terrorism against Americans by maintaining high levels of fear and anxiety in our society.

  • When the Democrats are in power, we are taxed and regulated and legislated into slavery for the benefit of the WELFARE CLASSIST STATE.
  • When the Republicans are in power, we are taxed, and regulated and legislated into slavery for the benefit of the WARFARE CORPORATE STATE.

Both kneel before The Federal Reserve so they can borrow money from our grandchildren by increasing the debt and spend, spend, spend – one on the Warfare State, the other on the Welfare state – spending money they don’t have that they are afraid to tax away from us for fear of our anger. And in exchange The Fed gets the power to devalue our currency, bail out its corporate friends and the banks from which The Fed is made of, loan Wall Street all the money it needs to make the billions it wants, and create massive asset bubbles and crashes that we must all try to survive.

Boehner, a hated Republican even among Republicans was just re-elected an hour ago in the House. How can that be when a surge of new Republicans was JUST SENT to Congress to FIX what most Americans consider to be wildly broken, and was broken under Boehner’s leadership? I’ll tell you how. IT’S ALL THE SAME. Your Government is yours about as much as my left toe is yours. Americans just haven’t woken up to realize they have LOST their Government. It’s rogue. It’s a power and wealth generating institution independent of you that only comes in contact with you insomuch as they are required to in order to pretend to care and honor a 200-year-old tradition that requires your participation to some degree like leaving milk and cookies for Santa.

Outside of your marginal involvement by an appearance at a voting booth, Government moves on without you to do whatever the hell it wants. And how? Because the RNC makes sure that only BIG GOVERNMENT Republicans survive the primaries. Anyone with small government convictions is weeded out at the grassroots local level. This is the same on the Democrats side with the DNC. We saw this in 2012 and 2014. A “libertarian” minded Republican would run for local or Congressional office and have a very popular following, but the RNC would back the incumbent or the BIG GOV Republican challenger and dump millions into their campaign convincing people who was good for them and who was bad for them. The RNC would spend millions of Republican donors money to tank its own Republicans out of the race. So what we end up with is the choice of which Big Gov politician we want in a field of only Big Gov politicians. That’s why it never makes any difference who wins. If you do not participate locally and decide and vote for the Small Government Americans running for office, then you will always get more of the same, every year, year after year, generation after generation – if any American is left standing by then.

Up next? Republicans will vote to support an increase in the debt ceiling, even though they have TOTAL POWER in Congress. Peter Schiff’s latest video included an interview with two, brand new, fresh off the mint Republicans from the 2014 surge and when asked if they would vote for an increase in the debt ceiling they both said – “YES!” See? More of the same shit.

Your Government. Do something about it.

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