Turning Men into Cubs

An article sent to me by a friend delves into the topic of how difficult it has become, presumably, for women to find quality men. I think we have forgotten how to raise boys into men. And as a man, I think I may have some insight into why this has become so…

First, what white man wants to step out into society and become a target for every black racist, feminist, politician and social justice warrior to denigrate, bark down, tax the hell out of, villinize, verbally assault and blame everything from poverty to war to misogyny to global warming to the drought on? Who the hell wants to be a part of that? I’m not shocked at all that men are looking for the EXIT sign and leaving the system. When you blame white men for everything, and treat them like shit you found on the bottom of your shoe, and then tax away all their income should they attempt to make an effort to be successful, and tell them that once they make a girl pregnant, their usefulness (aside from being an ATM), like the male praying mantis, is over – we can’t really blame them for finding a hole to crawl into and staying put.

And what about…

What about the fact that “men” can stay on their parents insurance policies until they’re 26? Thanks to Obama, the age for “children” is now almost 30. Sometimes you get what you ask for.

What about that “men” are staying at home with mom and dad for an ever increasing number of years? When I was young, every boy I knew wanted to be out of their parents house as soon as possible, for several reasons. First, bringing girls back to your mommy and daddy’s house was not only unimpressive to girls, it also had a weird awkwardness to it that was not pleasant. Second, part of being a man is proving your independence, being able to secure your own “cave” and supply your own “meat” is part of growing up and transitioning from cub to bear status. Men want women and women want bears, not cubs. The math is stupid simple. When a boy stays with his parents until he’s 30, or almost, the message he sends is…”I like being a cub.” There’s not a lot of women that want cubs.


What about that our Government and The Fed (same thing) have destroyed the economy so there are millions of people out of work (lowest labor participation rate since 1978)? Hard to get a cave and meat when good jobs are few and far between.

What about our Government generated part-time economy, largely due to Obamacare, where it is getting more and more common for young people (and old people) to cobble together several part time gigs into a “career?”

What about all of the special classes that get preferential treatment at colleges and at job fairs because they have one defining and very important and desirable characteristic – they are not a healthy white male?

What about the obnoxious levels of debt that a man must go into in order to get a degree to be “desirable?” And that assumes he doesn’t pick a worthless degree with no job opportunities.

What about an economy that forces men to stay in college longer, due to a lack of jobs and increased competition, going for degrees that will ultimately prove to be unnecessary (and expensive) in securing successful careers and salaries, thus delaying the start of those careers – stunting their professional growth and delaying the point in time when they could support a wife and a family?

What about the family court system, heavily lopsided towards women, that treats men like villainous thieves should they dare to get married and then divorce for any reason? Heck, why get married at all then? Duh.

What about the feminism that has saturated the culture, telling men how useless and unnecessary they are?

What about apps men have to download to prevent being accused of rape by a jaded woman in a state with anti-men laws towards private relationships?

What about how the Government welfare juggernaut that has supported that paradigm shift by replacing the income of the father or husband with the income of the State? Who needs a man when you got Uncle Sam!

What about the record number of divorces and single-mom households where a father figure is entirely absent, thereby denying a male cub the education and instruction on how to be a bear and get a cave and meat?

What about the media that shows men as bumbling buffoons? TV shows. Movies.

What about the villinization of men as that all-hideous Disney-esque villain of being the 1%? Must be all that “white privilege!”

What about the fact that studies have shown women perform better in government schools because the way we are taught, mostly by women in those schools, is the way women prefer to learn. Men learn by action. By tactile function. The author says…

And my argument is that the old discrimination [against women] obscured a fundamental biological truth: Girls’ brains mature at a faster rate than boys’ brains, girls mature [faster] socially and intellectually. They’re about a year ahead of boys. When it comes to actual schoolwork, girls do their homework better, girls are more organized, they’re less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, they don’t get put in jail [at the same rates]. So I think girls have a developmental advantage when it comes to college preparation.

It’s true. Women do have a developmental advantage (but only due to the way society has structured the system). They mature earlier than men, and they prefer rote learning…listening, reading, repeating. It’s no accident than men excel, and are often more attracted to, the hands-on “trades” of building, fixing, laying, welding and creating things. Most trades are men. Most roughnecks are men. Most teachers are women. This is a normal distribution of humans based on fundamental biological differences in the sexes. So boys are more often “diagnosed” with ADHD because they can’t sit still and listen to a teacher drone on like a girl can. Boys are naturally rambunctious and act like racoons getting into and out of everything; exploring, rough housing. They’re not afflicted with ADHD, they are afflicted with B.O.Y.S. But in our pro-feminist, homogeneous, egalitarian, everyone-must-be-made-to-be-equal society, even if we have to cram a square peg into a round hole, we will MAKE boys act like girls because girl teachers prefer teaching to girls in a way that girls understand – so no shocker that girls do better in school.

The truth is…men are checking out, and I understand it. Men are simple. They need occasional sex, a bed, a big TV, a sporty car, a BBQ and enough income to get by. If society wants to marginalize men, I think most men are comfortable with that. Most men don’t dream of having families and babies. Most men don’t want big homes and Z Gallery furniture. Most men don’t need chandeliers, wall art, walk-in closets, serving utensils and matching place mats. Women want those things, and men want women. Men only want those things insomuch as the women they want want them. So if women and society insist on abusing men, and not appreciating the differences between the sexes, and not appreciating the value they bring to their children, their family or to the stability of the fabric of society – then men going on strike by leaving en mass doesn’t shock me at all. Who wants to sign up to be the whipping boy for every problem?

Until women treat men with respect, and stop acting like they are some sort of subspecies ape incapable of walking upright, and look to men to provide, to protect – to instill in men the Bear that they need to be, then men will continue to feel purposeless and turn inwards to feed their own desires, abandoning the world to the feminists and the statists.

Which, in the end, is what the feminists and statists want anyway.

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