If Bernie wins, I’m moving to the Moon.


What I really like about the image headline, and what I have heard Liberals are lighting their hair on fire about, are their empty threats of moving to Canada (or elsewhere) if Trump wins.

I laugh because, welcome to 2008. Libertarians and Republicans alike were making the same empty threats, ready to light themselves on fire and run flaming naked through the streets if Obama won. Many of them doubling down on that threat in 2012.

Do you know where Liberals are going if Trump wins? Nowhere. Just like the rest of us, trapped in the United States, forced to tolerate one corrupted authoritarian banker-financed corporatist regime after another.

So keep on whining Liberals. If Trump wins, you ain’t doin’ sh**, just like the rest of us. Until you realize that it’s all the same, just different men in different suits with the same flag lapel pins pushing the same oppressive bankrupting agenda, then you’re just a sucker like everyone else that refuses to let go of the, “if we just elect that one right guy as President, Utopia is ours” mentality.

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  1. Don’t act rashly! If you move to the moon, you’ll be alone on a lifeless planetoid. If you move to Jupiter, on the other hand, you’ll be the only guy up there with Cher. Granted, some might consider this Hobson’s choice, but we at WOOF are a tolerant lot–we’d take on the burden of Cher’s philosophical re-education in a heartbeat. Just sayin’.

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