Why didn’t the government think of that?

imageJust occured to me some of the most common changes the free market has created all by itself, without the all-knowing heavy hand of Government, without which, they tell us, the wheels would fall off the world.

I saw a commercial for Subway’s new chicken sandwich, which they advertise as “anti-biotic free.” Why? The Government didn’t tell them to do that. Oh wait, the free market, based on the individual decisions of millions of consumers, suggested to Subway that its consumers are interested in a chicken sandwich where the chicken isn’t doped up on anti-biotics. Only a matter of years now until the Government comes along and makes this a law – always late to the party.

I remember picking up milk at the grocery store a few years ago even. Grabbing the ones in the back to get more time before the expiration. And checking the label that says, “rBST free.” Wait? What?! When did the Government require that. Oh yeah, it didn’t. Again, consumers decided, millions at a time, that pumping cattle full of hormones that we then drink the milk from was a bad idea. Guess we will see that made law in a 2021 Executive Order to much fanfare and self-congratulatory back patting at the genius of Government nannyism.

Let’s trot over to the egg cooler aisle. What’s this? Free range? Cage free? Hormone free? Corn fed? Grass fed? Are these all part of the, “Farm Fowl for Children & Save America’s Food Chain Act” signed into law by Obama on live TV in front of a panalopy of multicultural children standing behind him? His big shit-eating grin trenched across his face as he signs the obvious? Nope. More consumer decisions telling companies what they need to provide.

I was looking at some new cars for my mom. Cheap, new cars. What? Airbags? Anti-lock brakes? Side air curtains? GPS? Was this a new law from the Democrats guaranteeing the right of every American to an automible equippeed with a minimum set of safety standards? Alas. More consumers controlling the free market 300 million decisions at a time, without ZERO need of Government to do so.

Tinted home windows, variable speed flow motors, smart thermostats, drip sprinklers, kinetic brakes, recycled tire playgrounds, air curtains, freezer alarms, grease filtering, oil recycling – man oh man – Government missed out on all these opportunities and thousands more to “pass a law” requiring products and processes that save money, save energy, save lives – and they totally dropped the ball. Thank GOD for the FREE MARKET.

Ah well, maybe next time Big Gov.






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  1. Nicely said


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