Why we should split the vote

For decades whenever I didn’t “tow the party line” by voting Libertarian instead of Republican, I was been told I’m splitting the vote and <insert evil doer> is going to win when I do that. The tone and suggestion is one of Benedict Arnold betrayal, as if splitting the vote is tantamount to selling State secrects (which I guess doesn’t mean as much as it used to anyway).

But ever since I was in my 20’s, I could never rationalize voting for someone I only 51% supported, which is really most Republicans and Democrats. You had (these are not truly accurate anymore) the pro-economy, pro-business, pro-personal freedom, anti-spying “Republican” versus the pro-environment, pro-gay, pro-womens rights “Democrat.” Strange though…MOST of us are ALL of those things. Which means we vote by exception. We don’t vote to get what we want, we vote to keep the other guy from getting what he wants.

And to be honest, and I’m just spitballing here, most of the Republican platform that people disagree with is based on Sharia Law, Christian Law. Those pesky I-RAIN-EANS pushing that Sharia Law garbage but over here we got those pesky Christians pushing that Christian Law garbage and so you got the Libertarians in the middle saying…HEY…how about NO religious laws? How about that? We got Christians freaked out about Sharia Law, where religious beliefs become legally binding, while at the same time wriging their hands over Roe vs Rade – which is simply a religious belief that became legally binding that THEY agree with. How do they even begin to rationalize that?

But if that’s too much for you, how about we just defer to the Constitution, if anyone can find it, which says to leave these social questions not to a God, but to the State. Let each State decide. And if Libertarians had their way, not even to the State, but to the County…or to the City. All Government should be local. The more we consolidate, the more control we lose, and others gain.

At any rate, since I haven’t been able to sell 49% of my soul to satiate the other 51% – I’ve been consistently voting Libertarian. And I don’t care if it splits the vote. I really don’t, and do you know why? Because humans are thick headed creatures. If we split the vote and a socialist wins, then America will get worse. And if we split the vote again, and we get another socialist, then America will get worse again. And again, and again, and again.

Republicans got their wake up call with Bush and then Obama. And Democrats got their wake up call with Obama and then Bernie and Hillary. I think more and more people are waking up to how rigged this Democracy has become. How we have for decades been given the same Coke vs. Pepsi challenge but told the lie that the whole soda aisle was an option. Obama broke every promise he made. So did Bush and a Republican Congress. Then came the Bernie Revolution and his followers finally felt the Bern when he fell in line behind Hillary like the good little puppet he is. Hillary’s a walking talking felon who should be in jail but stands as a shining light that we have moved from the rule of law to a rule of man. So how long does this garbage need to go on for before people wake up to what is happening? From what I have seen….long. So split the vote and keep this train to destruction going, because the alternative is simply statist, populist or socialists half measures that only defer the pain, not solve it.

And is that what we are voting for? To defer? Is that it? Is that the whole goal of voting now? Pick someone who is 51% okay so we can only slide backwards 49% – and that’s the best EITHER side can do. That is a horrible, shitty way to exercise your ethics. So we need to either get this train derailed as fast as possible, or leave. Because all we are doing now is kicking cans.

And before you know it, the only party left that hasn’t screwed the country will be the Libertarians and eventually the insane cattle of American voters that loves to bang their heads against the wall because it feels so good when they stop, will realize that maybe Libertarianism is the only ethically sound philosophy of human interaction. Where freedom, the non-initiation of force, voluntary association, the rule of law and free markets are what ACTUALLY creates wealth and prosperity for all people – not equally, but comprehensively.

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