Socialists introduce Universal Healthcare Bill…no, not in 2010, in 1945.

James Madison once said, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

What we must understand is that Socialism is not unlike a religion. Followers of Socialism believe in their ideals like the Catholics, the Jewish and the Muslims believe in their religions.

We can all agree that there was Socialism and Socialists before the fall of the Soviet Union, but just where do you think all of the Socialists went after the collapse of Russia? Do you think they just shriveled up and blew away with the dust of the Berlin Wall? No…they are still among us and they still firmly believe in the concept of Socialism. They are politicians, businessmen, journalists and bloggers. Many of them don’t even realize that many of the laws they support and the beliefs they hold are the first building blocks of Socialism and the wrecking balls of a free Republic.

We must also understand that Socialists understand that Americans do not like the word Socialism or Socialists. So they changed their name…now they are Liberals that believe in Liberalism.

In 1927, an American Socialist Norman Thomas, six times candidate for President of the U.S. on the Socialist Party ticket stated, “The American people would never vote for ‘Socialism,’ but under the name ‘Liberalism’ the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.”

Like James Madison said, Socialism is not achieved through violent and sudden uprisings. Socialism is patient, and methodical and is satisfied with the quiet, stealthy baby steps of freedom’s deconstruction. Like a frog in a pot brought slowly to a boil, you will become enslaved and subject to a socialist government before you even realize you needed to take action and jump out. It will be too late. It is the slow, quiet, brick by brick demolition of your freedoms that you are not paying attention to.

Despite resounding disapproval and rejection of Obama’s Universal Healthcare Bill by Americans everywhere, the Democrats in the legislative and executive branches of our government were not about to miss an opportunity while they have complete control of the government to make a giant leap forward in the Socialist agenda instead of their decades of baby steps.

Socialists can try and fail…and try and fail again. They will never stop. They will never tire. They will always be here. Generation after generation, they will continue to try and pass laws that will slowly shift  control over from the people to the government. They are simply waiting for the generation to come along that is not paying attention and will blindly hand control over to them on a platter made of ignorance, greed and apathy.

The last generation has been here before, but they were paying attention. In 1945, under the Truman administration, there was an effort made to socialize medicine but the American people resoundingly rejected it during the 1950 off-year election when according to the CATO Institute, “incumbents who had supported compulsory national health insurance were defeated. Moreover, while retaining control of Congress, Democrats suffered net losses in the House and Senate.” Sound familiar? History repeats itself, and so will they…again…and again…

This only dissuaded the Socialists from trying to pass a single all-encompassing health care bill and instead focus on implementing nationalized medicine in pieces, “thus reflecting a deliberate decision to use an incremental strategy, initially targeting the group of recipients who would evoke the greatest sympathy with the public,” the elderly. As they stated when they were able to add disability to Social Security, “incremental change … has less potential for generating conflict than change that involves innovation in principle.”

Those incremental baby steps towards Socialism included passing laws to create Social Security, then laws to include disability with Social Security, then medical care for the aged poor (Kerr-Mills Bill), then Medicare, then Medicaid and now…finally…they have achieved the ultimate Socialist agenda in Obama’s Universal Healthcare Law. There was resistance to these efforts every step of the way, but Socialists can try to pass their agenda a thousand times and fail, while we can not fail to block them even once.

“However, despite this foot-in-the-door approach, resistance continued. With Eisenhower’s election in 1952, Medicare advocates sought to keep the issue alive by continuing to introduce bills in every session of Congress.

Socialists will never stop, and never tire and they will always be among us…they will just keep hammering away until we aren’t paying attention.

2010 might have been the year, and the generation, that wasn’t paying attention.

The CATO Institute has an excellent paper on the century long battle to take over America through health care click here.

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