Socialists admit, Universal Healthcare is the “foot in the door” to taking control

In my last post (below, or click here) I discussed the slow, steady, methodical and patient way in which Socialists (read Liberals) slowly dismantle a free Republic such as ours.

In that post I even wrote a quote from the head of the Socialist Party back then who said they need to call themselves “Liberals” now, because Americans don’t like the word Socialists.

This is a companion post to my prior piece that includes a very important video with a voice from the past about the chillingly familiar discussion of the socialists within our government and their attempts over the past 100 years to pass a “Universal Healthcare Bill.”

I have provided some of the most important and relevant quotes below…

Ronald Reagan said, “One of the traditional methods of imposing Statism or Socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project, most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggest medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.”

“Now, the American people, if you put it to them about socialized medicine would unhesitatingly vote against it. We had an example of this under the Truman administration when it was proposed that we have a compulsory insurance program for everyone in the United States.”

“The American people have put it on record, that they do not want socialized medicine.”

However, the Socialists began crafting a plan to implement universal health care for more than 50 years before the enactment of Medicare in 1965. They’ve always known that medicine, and universal coverage is the key that unlocks all the back doors to destroy a Republic. Once they have control of health care for every American they can dictate what doctors can do and not do, where they can practice and not practice, who gets coverage and who doesn’t, who lives and who dies, what you can and can’t eat, what can and can’t be in your food and which corporations get waivers and which don’t. They will basically have all the power to control the entire economy.

One of the efforts to begin the slow encroachment towards universal health care was the Forand Bill in 1957.

As former President Reagan continues, “The Socialists said, ‘Once the Forand bill is passed, this nation will be provided with a mechanism for socialized medicine capable of indefinite expansion in every direction until it includes the entire population.'”

And as Congressman Forand said of his own bill, “If we can only break through and get our foot inside the door, then we can expand the program after that.”

Please listen to the following message from Ronald Reagan on Socialists efforts to subvert our free Republic through universal health care.

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