Chris Christie tells the Democrats to shutdown the state government, he’s gonna go watch the Mets

Like a Unicorn sighting, spotting a Democrat lowering taxes is a rare sight indeed.

In New Jersey, where there’s a shortage of Unicorns, the Democrats demanded that Chris Christie allow them to raise taxes. Apparently the Union pension obligations, early retirement benefit and union employee health care plans need more taxpayer money so the good citizens of New Jersey need to cough up some more dough for their Elite Government Worker Class.

This state is running a deficit of $11 billion on revenues of $29 billion. Think about that…they are spending every single penny of the $29 billion they rip from their hard working citizens in taxes and they still need $11 billion more (38% more!) to keep the government doors open. What a joke these clowns are.

Chris Christie tells it like it is, and tells the Democrats if they tried to pass a law to raise taxes, he’d veto it, and if they threatened to shutdown the government until he signs the tax hike law, he’d go home, crack a beer, grab a pizza and watch the Mets play.

This is unlike his Democrat Governor predecessor who made a big media production four years ago out of how he was sleeping on a cot at the legislature to protest how much taxes would go up. Please note, not whether taxes should go up at all, but an argument about by how much they should.

Four years ago when the Democrat Governor did this, I can see how it played out…I bet he made a deal with them…

Democrat Governor: “Hey…you demand for a 4% increase and I’ll pretend that that’s too much and say I want only a 2% increase.”

Democrat Legislature: “Okay, and then we’ll say we’re shutting down government if you don’t agree to our 4%.”

Democrat Governor: “Yeah, exactly, and then I’ll drag the press into my office and show them the cot I am sleeping on because I am working so hard to get you to bend to my will and only go up 2%, because I am protecting the people.”

Democrat Legislature: “Yeah, I like it. We only need to go up 1% anyway, so it’ll make you look good for protecting the people, make us look like we are willing to negotiate and in the end, we get more than we want anyway.”

Evil, evil, evil. Socialism…just say NO.

The audio might play very low, so turn your volume up after it starts playing

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