Democrats flee the state to avoid vote on reducing Labor Union power…it’s time to CRUSH THE UNIONS

In my last post this morning, the Democrats had fled the Capitol. Now they’ve fled the state (click here for story).

What a bunch of clowns. Rather than show up with pride and honor and respect and vote against the bill, as one does in a Democracy, they drop to the ground and start kicking and screaming until someone listens to them. Typical liberal reaction. Just scream until you get what you want.

They are politicians, that is their job. Their responsibility is to show up to work, and do what is expected of them. In their case, it is to vote against this bill. Instead of doing their job, they run and hide. Is this what we want to teach our children? If you don’t want to do something, even if it’s your job and your responsibility, you can always just run away from it? Run away from your responsibilities? Run away from your job? Run away from anything you don’t like?

To me, this is no different than a toddler kicking and screaming because they don’t want to do something you asked them to do. Throwing a tantrum, that is all this is.

Wisconsin better hold the line on this Elite Government Union worker backbreaking bill. We need to crush all union efforts at collective bargaining so they are forced to compete for their positions, earn their pay and be held accountable for poor performance just like everyone else in the private sector.

You can run you silly whiners, but you can’t hide.

If only I could place bets in Vegas on which way Obama would go, I’d be a billionaire…Obama Sides with State Government Unions Against Cuts, as seen here. No surprise there. Obama couldn’t be more in Big Labor’s pocket.

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