DNC & Wikileaks – DNC having trouble finding someone not corrupted to run the DNC

The now infamous WikiLeaks dump includes a hacked email where Democrats for the DNC try to rally Latino voters, but in private emails call them the “Taco Bowl” vote.

Where’s the front page outrage? Imagine if a Republican had said that. But it was a Democrat so…..crickets from the Democrat-bought media.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to step down as head of the DNC due to the revelations exposed by the Wikileaks dump, and was replaced by Donna Brazile, who unfortunately may also have to step down due to her own exposure shown in the Wikileaks dump. Apparently the Democrats are having a hard time finding someone NOT corrupted by the Wikileaks dump to run the DNC.

Initially, Wasserman Schultz was replaced with fellow DNC member Donna Brazile. However, according to CNN, Brazile (also heavily implicated in the leaks) would possibly step aside soon, leaving the DNC’s Marcia Fudge in charge.

Also, against the DNC charter that does not allow them to interfere in Democratic Primaries, they interfered heavily in the Democratic Primaries to oust Bernie and keep Hillary moving forward for the Democrat’s pre-selected win.

Twitter deletes the #DNCLeaks when it trends too high (I was already pissed at them for suspending Milo’s account because he is not a Democrat) so now they have to start over again with #DNCLeak (not plural). Then Facebook blocks the Wikileaks Dump from their site until they get called out on it.

Damn. It’s a constant battle to keep the Liberals from suppressing, deleting, manipulating, lying, stealing, damn near anything they can do to maintain the narrative because that is ALL THEY HAVE when you don’t have reason, logic, facts and evidence.

Charges of DNC money laundering too? My oh my. The list goes on and on…with over 20,000 emails and more to be released, the blood letting should continue for awhile.


So what does this prove, yet again?

That your entire Government is corrupt. Your voting process is corrupt. Your media is corrupt. Your entire Democratic system has been rigged to maintain power for a select few at the top of the pyramid. The Government lies and steals from you. The media covers it up. The voting process is a sham to pretend this is what we all wanted.

Free market capitalism has been destroyed and replaced with an oligarchy of corporate fascism where the largest corporations have merged with the Government to work together in order to control and maintain this mercenary system.

You are only allowed to vote for the candidates that have been pre-selected for you, and no one else. America is now nothing more than a gigantic corrupted globalist arms dealing imperialist nation run by an international group of Central Bankers that operate without any transparency and where any attempt to upset these entrenched interests is routed out, smothered, ignored (dare I say killed) or covered up by the politicians, the political elite and the media.

Ever since 1913, with the invention of the “income tax” and the IRS thugs to collect it, we have been forced by law and the threat of violence to become time share slaves to this hacked democracy. The income tax windfall that overflowed the coffers of the Government was quickly spent on a raft of social programs, bailouts and government agency expansion that allowed an elite few to tighten the noose over the next several decades, buying more and more votes as more and more Americans chose Statist dependency over self-sufficiency. They chose comfortable slavery over dangerous freedom, and your government, with the income tax gold mine and now the money-printing bankers is more than happy to pay for it with someone else’s money.

Reject this entire system. Reject Republicans and Democrats. Reject this Government.

I’ve seen Democrats become Republicans and Republicans become Democrats. I’ve seen Republicans and Democrats become Independents and I’ve seen all three become Libertarians. But I’ve never seen a Libertarian become anything else. Once people understand and choose Libertarianism, that is where they stay. There’s a reason for that and you should mull on that for a bit and ask yourself why that is.


#11 On The Freedom Index (and falling)

We should be embarrassed that a nation where its citizens became this wealthy and have the highest standard of living in the world, achieving in 200 years under capitalism what Europe could not do in over 2,000 years under any other system has steadily fallen year after year and is not even in the Top 10 any more under the simple concept of “freedom.”

Humans natural inclination is toward freedom. Like lions and birds kept in cages, they can live a full life, but they always yearn for their freedom.

But what about when Governments build transparent cages around people? Electronic dragnets, criminalizing non-crimes, debt enslavement, government approved monopolies, taxation theft of your labor, rent seeking, licensing, government labor unions, government ownership of the land your house sits on. There’s no memo from the Government that says your not free, there is only the subtle and quiet crumbling of your actual freedoms.

Our Government has been building cages around us for decades now, and it knows that cages are necessary because you cannot keep bleeding a people dry, taxing stealing their labor from them, robbing one half of the country that still has jobs to pay for the other half of the country that does not, infantilizing young men and women to delay their lives as adults until they’re in their 30’s, hang debt nooses on the necks of millions of students and home owners in gigantic government bank created debt bubbles and constantly and fervently stir the pot of racial and class and religious tensions goading Americans to legislate and regulate and subvert and kill each other and allow illegal immigrants with criminal records to continue to cross the border and reside here killing and raping Americans without making sure that the cages you have built around your citizens are strong and sturdy and secure. Eventually, one day, they will see the bars – and they will want out.

Government is not here to build roads, libraries and make sure your water is clean – it’s here to serve itself. Nurturing people become nurses and vets, analytical people become accountants and engineers, people that want to protect people become cops and fire fighters, friendly people go into sales – sociopaths, those that seek power and wealth go into Government. Our Government is nothing more than a massive industry run by sociopaths to secure ever more power and wealth, and if that means calling Latinos the “Taco Bowl” vote, or lying about illegal email servers, or letting loose the IRS dogs of war on conservative non-profits, or promising that you can keep your doctor and your insurance plan even when they know you can’t, build massive server farms to save all your emails and texts, they will do whatever it takes, tell you whatever you wanna hear, buy you with whatever you can be bought for, to maintain that power and wealth accumulation – and there is no end game. There is no point where they will say, “we have enough.” This madness will continue for as long as you continue to align yourself with the establishment and do nothing to change it.

Government wants us to fight each other, wants us to hate immigrants, wants us to hate blacks and whites, hate cops, and hate the rich and hate the poor, hate people with opposing viewpoints and retreat to ‘safe spaces’, hate Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians and the Tea Party, hate Trump and Bernie, and hate capitalism and hate Russia and hate China and hate the Brexit – they want us to hate all these things and they and the media make sure we hear about all the people that hate all the other people so we can hate some more because as long as we are hating all those things we are not hating the Government – and yet that is where all of the corruption and control and hate is actually coming from.

Google “Wikileaks DNC” and learn what is happening around you, the bars being built. The cages being made. The controls being placed on you. The constant government surveillance, the destruction of your currency, the gutting of your purchasing power, the massive increases in your debt to the bankers, our status as #1 arms dealer in the world and all our wars and occupations, the subversion of our standard of living and our freedom.

Or watch us slide further and further down the Freedom Index as we keep pretending that voting for two pre-selected establishment sanitized candidates is anything more than an absolute joke, just like this government has become, as have we become – because this is, in the end, OUR GOVERNMENT.

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