I just realized, my kids aren’t really mine either…

I’ve accepted the fact that none of us can own our house, or own our land or our cars – even after we completely pay for them. That’s just a fact.

Most of us agree we do own ourselves, because we have total control over what we do with our own bodies (this too, is debatable, but let’s leave that for a moment). So the definition of property, of owning property, is total, complete, absolute unfettered control over whatever it is.

So true ownership, of anything, means it’s yours. Being yours means you can do whatever you want with it. I can take a chair and smash it, burn it, sell it, take it apart and use the pieces for something else. I can leave it in the basement to rot long after I’m dead. This is the same with everything else I own…my computer, my clothes, pillows, tables, cellphone. These are definitely MY PROPERTY.

There are no consequences to anyone, including myself, for what I choose to do with my property.


My home is not my property. I don’t own my home because even after I pay off the mortgage, if I can’t, or won’t pay property taxes to the government, then I will eventually lose my home (and the land it sits on) to the government, or have what I owe taken away from me when I sell it, or it gets foreclosed on. The Government is my silent partner, an investor in my house that has a dividend payment due every year, twice a year. Failure to pay my partner their claim each year leads to negative consequences for me – this is unlike anything else that I do actually and truly own, like my chair and my cellphone. They are mine. Nobody has a claim against them except me.


My car is not my property either, because I cannot drive it on the roads (its intended use) without permission from the government via a driver’s license. I cannot drive the car without an annual registration payment, also made out to the government. Nor can I drive it without insurance, since California will not allow a car to be registered each year without insurance. Therefore, I don’t really own my car, by definition, even when it’s been paid off – unless ownership means keeping it on my driveway forever (technically the driveway’s not yours either, see #1).


Then I realized my kids aren’t mine either. If I fail to enroll my kids in Government schools, I will receive a few government letters about them being truant. Eventually the Government will send some social worker to find out why my kids are not in school, and eventually, when I ignore all of that long enough, they will send someone to arrest me. If I resist being taken to jail, put up any kind of struggle, I could potentially be tazzed, or shot, which means I could be killed in the process. So I don’t really have control over my kids either, like I do over a chair or a table or my cellphone. There is an action I can take with my kids, which is to not perform an action the Government is compelling me to perform, and by not taking that action, I will wind up in a cage, or dead. So….my kids aren’t really mine either.

Makes me wonder, really, in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” – what exactly do I really own?

Technically, I don’t even own myself, because by using my own body to voluntarily produce labor for which I am voluntarily compensated for, the government has a lien on that compensation too, that if I fail to pay, I can also end up in a cage, or shot, if I resist long enough to comply. But that is another post…





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