One benefit of the recent pandemic overreaction insanity is the increased visibility of the truly insane among us.

If you ever saw the movie THEY LIVE!, a guy finds a pair of sunglasses that, when worn, show him which of the people around him are not actually human, but some alien species walking among us, looking, talking and acting like us – all in an effort to use like cattle for their own purposes. It shows billboards saying the word OBEY with the sunglasses, while without them, it’s a billboard for potato chips or cigarettes. He sees the subconscious brainwashing all around him that everyone else cannot see, but is being manipulated by.

COVID has provided all of us a chance to wear a similar set of sunglasses so we can observe the most intellectually challenged among us.

So the fatality rate for SARS-CoV-2 is .04%, the majority of which is predominately the old and the compromised, leaving less than .02% for everyone else. That leaves 99.98% of the public running around being told to wear masks, eat outside, stay out of movie theaters and indoor everything, because of a .02% chance of dying. This alone…is insane.

The efficacy of masks is hotly debated as nations exist with few mask wearers that have low cases, those with strict mask controls that have high cases, and vice versa – eliminating masks as an effective gauge for success – it is completely all over the board.

Most of the masks, or facial coverings, are not effective on preventing transmission. If you can smell through your mask, then you can breathe in the virus, as scent molecules are larger than the virus. So you are either breathing it in directly through the material, or around the edges, because the only mask that prevents breathing the virus is a respirator that has been properly fitted to your very own personal face. How many people do you see walking around with professionally fitted respirators? Zero. So that’s a fail.

Then the argument is to prevent droplets. Great. When is the last time someone snotted directly on your face? It just doesn’t happen because that is disgusting and socially unacceptable. Fail.

Maybe someone around you sneezes. Great. First, that individual has to actually have COVID and be within the narrow timeline when they are contagious. So how often is someone going to sneeze around you that happens to also be perfectly aligned with that narrow window of opportunity for the virus? Fail.

Most people sneeze into their hands or their inner elbow – and even then, the molecules that they didn’t capture have to cross the space between you, and then you have to breathe in enough to become infected, which 60% of us would not even show symptoms of. And if you are wearing a mask near that person, you are still sucking those virus particles in over the top, under and around and even through the surface of the mask. Fail.

And then, if you managed to not breathe the virus in through your mask anyway, most people are not using disposable surgical masks that need to be discarded every four hours and most people are not religiously washing and sanitizing their masks or facial coverings – so everyone grabs and pulls and touches their mask incorrectly, transferring any viral loaded snot someone else sneezed to their fingers, which eventually goes to your face. Fail.

And wearing a mask for the ten seconds and twenty feet it takes to walk from the hostess station to your table so you can remove the mask, and be surrounded by people not wearing masks and eating, and talking and sneezing and coughing is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever been forced to do. Does anyone really think that every restaurant patron covering their mouth for the twenty seconds from door to table is making any difference at all. How stupid are we? Fail.

Then the argument is that if you are asymptomatic, the mask prevents you from spreading the virus. Well if the virus particles can be breathed in through the mask, then they can be breathed out through the mask. Fail.

And then, the most egregious of all psychological weapons wielded against us in the name of using masks is the infantile, “I wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me.” They HAD to come up with this nauseating meme because initially, the use of a mask was to protect yourself. Hey, YOU don’t want to catch COVID, then wear a mask. Which naturally made many people weigh the risks, correctly, and say, “Well, I choose not to protect myself, so if YOU want to wear a mask, go ahead, but I don’t want to and will accept the risk.” And that just INFURIATED the control freaks of the world, so they had to re-brand and re-message mask use to how YOU’RE a selfish, narcissistic, evil bastard that must want to proactively kill people by refusing to protect OTHERS by YOUR not wearing a mask. See how they did that? They took your freedom to choose for yourself based on your own risk assessment, sprinkled it with collectivism, now making you your brothers keeper, whether you want to be or not.

So when will a mask work? Well…it will work when someone around you that also happens to have COVID and also happens to be within the contagious window sneezes without making any effort to contain their sneeze and you happen to be downwind from them and close enough that the virus particles make it to you, and you are lucky enough not to breath in any of the particles under, over, around or through the mask and then you dispose of or properly sanitize the mask without touching it and before you suck the viral particles right through the material into your lungs and you happen to not suck enough of them through to actually get infected. Then the mask will work. Fail.

And so, with all of this information, we can look around at our fellow man and see that, THEY LIVE! I see people in their cars, masks on. I see people alone, jogging, masks on. People cycling, alone, masks on. People on the windy beach, well away from others, masks on.

COVID has given us the THEY LIVE! sunglasses so we can see the truly stupid among us. The absolutely ridiculous morons, or the mortally terrified, that are either too stupid, or too scared, to accurately weigh the ACTUAL risk to themselves against the constant annoyance of wearing a useless mask.

So put on your sunglasses, look around, and you will see the truly moronic all around us. And THAT is way scarier than COVID.

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  1. My guess on people wearing them while alone in their car is that they have become accustomed to the mask enough that they don’t think about it much, or that they’re avoiding handling it more than necessary.

  2. The death rate is low, but the actual percentage is unclear. Where did you get your 0.4% and 0.2% from?

    The death rate is low, but what if it’s *your* family or friend? I’ve lost 2 friends. I’m high risk, you’re cool if I die? Do you think I should stay cocooned and never leave the house?

    The death rate is low, but have you read about the debilitating long term side affects? A friend of mine was a marathon runner. Now she gets winded walking up a set of stairs. She’s 40. Another friend is 32, she can go grocery shopping but then she’s bedridden for 3 days with zero energy.

    This virus is extremely contagious – up to 14 days is NOT a “narrow window.”

    The droplets spray about 4-6 feet. Yes if someone sneezed directly on your face then the mask provides limited protection. But like you said, people don’t do that. So distance + mask prevents people from *spreading* it. Protection for *others* is the purpose of masks.

    Most of your deductions are extremely flawed and inaccurate. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but then *you* stay home.

    • I just don’t agree with quarantining the 99.96% of the healthy and the devastation to the economy and people’s lives. The fearful, the high risk, should quarantine themselves and take whatever other measures they deem necessary to protect themselves.

      The increased suicides, drug overdoses, spousal abuses, poverty, unemployment…there is a wake of carnage left behind to impose lockdowns and restrictions. Is it okay if all of those people die or starve so you can live? That is another question you have to consider. This is not a one sided transaction.

      There are countries with high mask acceptance and use that still had/have spikes in cases. Masks are not effective. If they were, every country that used and enforced them religiously would have been spared, but they haven’t. So masks are a fail.

      The most the government should have done is provide guidance, recommendations, which is what they did initially…and businesses complied, and I’d say most individuals. Then they went full on draconian and “14 days to flatten the curve” is now 20 weeks and counting.

      I’ve heard the “I know someone” argument since April and certainly when it hits close to home it takes on a new life. At the same time I accept that this virus is not going away from anything that we are doing, and I value living my life more than my concern over a virus with a .04% mortality rate, half of which are for people over 60.

      I know someone who died in a car accident and someone else who was crippled from one, but I still drive a car. I understand the risks. Car accidents are the leading value of death for teenagers….do I not let my kids drive? Get jobs they have to drive to? Get in a friends car? Go on road trips?

      We all have to weigh our own risks and what level we are willing to accept. I have no problem with anyone who wants to stay home, or wear a mask, or not go outside….I want them to have their freedom to decide what’s right for them. But many of THEM won’t afford me the same courtesy and want to use violence and force to make me agree with them and do what they want. And that is where the run goes the wrong way.

      • Which countries are you referring to having spikes despite a high rate of mask adoption?

      • Japan, the Philippines, Mexico. All avid mask wearers but didn’t stop a spike in cases.

        As for lockdowns, Belgium was extremely rigid in their lockdown, and yet has the highest per cap fatality rate (870 per million) in the world behind only New York State at 1,774 per million – twice as high as the most fatal nation in the world – and we know NY was very strict, required masks, lockdowns, etc… didn’t matter.

        And the fatalities per 100,000 in US states are highest in some high mask use states like NJ, NY, MA, CT (125-179) and then you have states that opened early and have low to no enforcement or requirements at all like GA, WI, SD…(44,18,17).

        So these all throw the whole mask and lockdown effectiveness out the window.

      • Japan appears to be averaging 1000-1500 new cases per day with a positive rate of 5%. We have 2.5 times their population, so adjusting for population difference when comparing to the U.S., call it 2500-4000 daily cases.

        The U.S. seems to have 40,000-60,000 per day with a 7% positive rate which means despite testing our population at 12 times the rate of Japan (2.23 tests per thousand people vs 0.18), our COVID cases are easier to find.

        I’ve never looked for data on mask adoption rates so I don’t know if it even exists. I’ve heard anecdotally that much of Asia has high mask adoption rates, so I’m just assuming that your assertion on this point is accurate.

        Japan is experiencing a “spike” in relative terms compared to May and June, but compared to the U.S., they are doing fantastic. Perhaps some or all of their relative success is attributable to factors other than mask adoption, but their data doesn’t seem to help the argument that masks are ineffective.

        Based on reading the “containment measures” section of the Wikipedia Belgium COVID-19 page (link below), their mitigation measures instituted in mid to late March sound similar to ours in the U.S. with their daily cases peaking in mid-April as would be expected. If the disease has already spread among the population, instituting behavioral changes is going to take some time to show up in the data. This is the first I’ve read about COVID-19 in Belgium, so I don’t know what else is at play, but if their reduction in cases from April’s peak to dramatic drop through May and June isn’t due to their containment measures, what do you attribute it to? You assert that masks and lockdowns don’t work, so I’m curious to know what you think is a recipe for success.

      • I tried posting links to sources I used when writing my reply, but they don’t even show up as “awaiting moderation”. I think they get flagged as spam. I’ll see if I can dodge the filter.

        Daily Cases:
        I used the country pages for Japan, US, and Belgium at

        Positive Rates:
        I used

        Belgium COVID-19:
        I used the “containment measures” section of the “covid-19 pandemic in Belgium” wikipedia page.

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