The CDC Comes Clean: Only 9,210 Fatalities From COVID, the Rest Had Serious Illnesses.

CDC finally admits that 94% of fatalities reported thus far associated with COVID were individuals that died with COVID, not of COVID, as those 6% of patients had an average of “2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

That means more than HALF of all patients that tested positive with COVID, had 3 or more additional medical issues.

The government and the media want you to make the jump to conclusions that COVID must have played a part in their death, but there is no evidence to support that. It’s a guess, at best.

What is not a guess, is that for the millions of Americans who suffered spousal abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, psychological trauma, lost their jobs, lost their incomes, lost their houses, lost their marriages or families, lost their businesses, or lost their lives from deaths of despair; and that had not 3, not 2, or not even 1 additional medical condition have had a greater chance of dying from a car accident (0.01%) than from COVID (0.003%)…and yet the tyrannical lock downs and mask wearing continues.

An interesting metric would also be how many have died so far, that also tested positive for pneumonia, or influenza (P&I), but also had multiple preexisting medical conditions. Are we equally concerned about the P&I of these patients who were admitted to the hospital due to several other preexisting conditions – or do we accept that they died from a confluence of factors over time and ultimately SOMETHING was going to be the final nail in the proverbial coffin, and it is usually some type of viral infection, whether P&I or C(ovid).

Originally posted on The Foxhole: More from OANN: There may be trouble brewing for the CDC. Late last week, the agency provided an update to its coronavirus death statistics when something caught the eye of a conservative blogger. In a tweet, which has now been deleted by Twitter, the agency was accused of “quietly…

The CDC Comes Clean: Only 9,210 Fatalities From COVID, the Rest Had Serious Illnesses — ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

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  1. If this number is “coming clean” (it’s not), they did it around May 8th when the number published was 7%. For all I know it was available earlier than that, but I only checked old versions of one particular webpage.

    People don’t die directly from COVID, they die from the conditions caused by it, just like the flu. The two most common comorbidities for COVID deaths are “influenza and pneumonia” and “respiratory failure”.

    “COVID-19 is listed as the underlying cause on the death certificate in 94% of deaths”

    Our population is not that healthy, so it should be expected that a lot of people that die with/of COVID have a bunch of other issues. You could look at people dying from car accidents and find obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. I agree that many of them can be contributing factors, but their mere existence should not be a surprise.

    • Not a surprise, but all in all, this type of detail supports the argument that COVID is not what it was originally sold to be. I understand, and agreed with the “15 days to slow the spread” – but we’ve moved so far beyond that now and we know so much more about it. As more and more and more data is made available, it all supports the ratcheting down of the fear of this virus for those that are not part of the high risk group, which is the vast majority of people. Even CA, with their latest “Tier” plan, does not have an “all clear” level – signalling that CA will be in some sort of COVID restriction state in perpetuity, and none of the information about this virus warrants that at all.

  2. “Hypothetically speaking, if a bus hits 3 people walking across the road but 1 person is obese and another has diabetes… the bus only killed the one person with no underlying condition? Am I understanding this social media COVID stuff correctly?”

    • I think that might be an oversimplification. The data is showing that the majority of people dying from COVID are over 65 and have between 2 and 3 underlying conditions. Many would not have lasted another six months to a year. Don’t forget roughly half the fatality numbers all around the world are coming out of nursing homes. Did COVID probably accelerate their mortality? Probably. But I think the takeaway is, at least for me, if someone does not have 2 or 3 underlying conditions, and is under 65, then the risk to them dying from COVID is significantly, and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY, lower and they should be allowed to keep their job, their house, their family, etc… The government ripping these things away from otherwise healthy people is immoral and evil and in the end, I believe we will see more fatalities from the lock down than from COVID and DEFINITELY more financial devastation, and also the elimination of most of the remaining shackles on government tyranny.

      Those who are over 65, with multiple conditions should do everything they can to minimize their risk, and that’s it. A study I would like to see is how many people die every year from P&I (pneumonia & influenza) that had underlying conditions. I would bet that in years ahead, those dying from COVID while having multiple underlying conditions will be akin to those dying from P&I with underlying conditions.

      This bug was new, so it dominated the cause of death in this category, but as we develop herd immunity, I bet it will settle down to be similar to P&I in being the “last straw” that someone who was already heavily compromised could not take.

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